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  1. Beautiful afghan love this yarn too makes nice color combinations.
  2. What a beautiful colorful afghan.
  3. I always saw my mother crocheting making doilies and many other things and was an avid knitter and sewing too. I was nine years old in school in a special class and teacher that ask if all the girls would like to learn to crochet we all decided that we wanted to learn the boys in class where taught another craft. I was so proud to be crocheting learning to make a large granny square into a blanket my mom was surprised that I wanted to learn. I found that I really enjoyed crocheting it was relaxing and like what I was making. I learn to knit at fourteen from my mom she wanted me to knit squares
  4. That is the cutest cradle purse I have ever seen.
  5. I have a second bedroom 3/4 room full yarn maybe more than 2000 skeins all companies 3 and 4 ply all kinds of colors and multi colors and speciallity yarns. Just found some new things from Lion Brand yarn the BonBon yarns and some new scarf yarn made with like a lace to make it curly and found a beautiful yellow with sequins on it to make a fancy scarf I also have a living filled 500 skeins yarn too. I get most on sale bulk lots and colors that you really can't find any more. I am always looking for the unusual color or combination as I do crochet, knit, and loom too. This does not include mot
  6. Thought this quilt pattern was beautiful in fabric now it is in crochet it really is stunning.
  7. Mary Maxim sent out a notice that you can download the correct instructions for this baby afghan. I just save and printed mine out. Just thought I let you know about it.
  8. Love your afghan just purchased this kit before I read your comments. Thank you for the hints on this I still will try this. Your blanket is beautiful.
  9. What a beautiful love the colors you used.
  10. I just bought it too I really love this pattern another one on the to do list. Thank you for a great pattern.
  11. Very pretty afghan love the pattern.
  12. It is so good to hear that your doing well considering what is happening now in your life and that your treasure of patterns you have given Amy a chance to pass on such wonderful patterns on in your name to use. I have admire your website for years and followed it for many years. I thought that we had lost a true treasure maker of crochet art I am so happy that doing well as can be. Thank you Amy for finding this wonderful lady who means so much. God Bless.
  13. I will be 68 in July and learn to crochet when I was ten from a very special school teacher and learn to knit when I was in my teens from my Mom. I also taught myself how to do needlepoint and also do loom knitting and regular looms too for making placemats and coasters and hot pads, and I have also made rugs many years ago I know how to plastic canvas and petite point some counted cross stitch. I am always looking at new ideas to make things. I got the bug from my Mom with needlework she did it for over 70 years and did it right up to the day she past to be with the Lord. I am the only one in
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