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    Retired Army Brat,love photography,needlework all kinds.
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  1. CraftyZone

    Finally to the end of my JoAnn Rainbow Boucle Stash! WOOHOO!

    Beautiful afghan love this yarn too makes nice color combinations.
  2. CraftyZone

    C2C Rainbow Scrapghan

    What a beautiful colorful afghan.
  3. CraftyZone

    Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan

    I love your afghan the colors are pretty what a beautiful pattern you used.
  4. CraftyZone

    Blue Squares Blanket

    Beautiful afghan love the colors too pattern is pretty. You make so many beautiful things love watching what your doing next.
  5. CraftyZone

    70's Afghan

    Your afghan came out pretty what a beautiful tribute to your mom. Love the colors you used.
  6. CraftyZone

    My Latest Afghans in Progress

    Love your afghans the colors are beautiful partial to your hexagon pattern. Nothing wrong man doing needle arts have many friends that do. Welcome to Crochetville. Crochet is relaxing and gives you a chance to design and use so many wonderful colors too.
  7. CraftyZone

    12 Point Round Ripple For a Hospital Donation

    What a beautiful round ripple afghan love the colors.
  8. CraftyZone

    My first 12 point star ripple!

    Your afghan is gorgeous love the colors and pattern you used. I love round ripples yours truly is an inspiration to make more.
  9. CraftyZone

    2 Afghans Completed

    Both your afghans are beautiful love your round ripple afghan that is stunning love the color pattern you used.I do the same thing take the best round ripples to make mine too. I think it is wonderful your kids love your talent to make beautiful things.
  10. CraftyZone

    Blue & brown theme corner to corner

    Your afghan is beautiful love the colors it will be sure to keep someone warm. What wonderful idea to donate to help someone else Bless you.
  11. CraftyZone

    keeping busy with yarn....

    You must been flying fast to get so many neat squares done can't wait to see what you will make with these pretty squares.
  12. CraftyZone

    Prayer shawl/wrap

    What a beautiful shawl the comfort that it gives someone to feel like they blessed someone cared to put all the time and effort to make them feel like human beings again. No matter what or when sharing love of spiritual giving also will will benefit the giver too.
  13. CraftyZone

    Granny Shawl!

    What beautiful shawl bet your grandma love it.
  14. CraftyZone

    Morning has Broken Shawl

    I love your shawl what a neat way to use your stash love the pattern you use and what a wonderful idea sharing with others in need. Thank you for sharing.