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    very tall, like one liners, dry humour,
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    Saskatchewan, Canada
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    crochet, antiques (junk), computer, knitting
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    Special Care Aide
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    afghans, doilies
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  1. TallGirl

    Trivets or Hot Pads

    luck sil I love your trivets and the twins nice work that you do. I always enjoy looking at projects
  2. TallGirl

    hot pot sitters

    very nice I love them all
  3. TallGirl

    Very Special Tote

    a very nice thing to do Tampa Doll. How terrifying to have gone through a home invasion and how violated she must feel. hugs Brenda
  4. TallGirl

    Hot pads

    I love them also the style and colors perfect
  5. TallGirl

    aran afghan

    You are wonderful magiccrochetfan I thankyou so very much. Happy Easter to you. hugs Brenda
  6. TallGirl

    aran afghan

    does anyone know where I can find the pattern or the name of this afghan so I can buy the pattern. thanks so much
  7. TallGirl

    C’ville April 2015 Tote

    congratulations Alacajun
  8. TallGirl

    Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket for Arianne

    absolutely stunning
  9. TallGirl

    Simple TR Shawl

    love triangle shawls and love yellow good job
  10. TallGirl

    Cozy Kitchen Ripple Towels

    your towels are nice and will have to look up that kit. nice to have the yarn and colors picked as I am not so good at that. that's what I should do as crochet gifts like this that are useful in the home to give to the grandies as they start to leave home as more personal from their GramaSugar.
  11. TallGirl

    C’ville April 2015 Tote

    very pretty love those soft colors
  12. TallGirl

    Mrs. Peeps and the Peepettes

    made me smile you little peep lol
  13. TallGirl

    Shawls and cowls

    beautiful children and you and your shawls excellent work that you do
  14. TallGirl

    C’ville March 2015 Tote

    congratulations enjoy
  15. TallGirl

    C’ville March 2015 Tote

    outstanding bag again. love it and love looking at it