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My first cup caddy


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I saw this cup caddy posted here on Crochetville by happy stitcher - and I loved this idea! Then, just few days later, Someone Special gifted me this pattern!!!!! I was so excited and grabbed my hook and I made my first cup caddy!

It's a gift for someone and it's on its way to her ;)




The second picture was taken with flash but I think the colours on the first one are more true.

As I usually crochet with thread, I don't have many hooks for yarn. I used the only one hook proper for the yarn I had. It was a beautiful double ended hook I bought long ago just because I couldn't resist its colours! But let's be honest, it's not a good invention! The second end kept jabbing my hand all the time!!!! :eek But I wanted to make this organiser so much that I didn't give up! My husband went shopping and he bought me wonderful Clover Hook size E, so making the second cup caddy was so nice!




I also made one in greens and purples, but I cannot post it yet - it's a gift too for a swap here in Poland. But I will show it later for sure!


Here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cup-caddy is the pattern.


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love it... a great idea...would make a great gift...hmmm wondering if I could do one to fit a plastic maxwell house can. I could put the tv remotes, some crochet hooks, some pens, maybe some candy, fingernail clippers, pad of note paper, my paperback or tv guide, word find book, all kinds of things.

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I love this pattern! I added Carlinda's pattern/design to my Pinterest page recently so I would remember to make it! I have started waiting until a project makes it to the top of my "to do" list before buying the pattern. I think this would make great teacher gifts! Depending on how much you wanted to put in to it, you could include a nice cup and desk supplies to fill the little compartments! You could even make end of the year gifts out of them and include: lip gloss, sun screen, sun glasses, tea bags, a small paperback book.... all the things they might need to relax.

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