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  1. Wow Kim, beautiful ghan! Well, I didn't get to the PO on Friday, got called into work I have Monday off so after hubby's doctor appointment and my son's kindergarten assessment test I'll get them out. Sorry to have to make you wait Emma and Linda! But fear not, they can't call me in tomorrow!
  2. Nira

    Totes for Gifts!

    Awesome totes!
  3. Well Hello! Moved my computer to a better set up so you should see me more often on here instead of me just lurking on my phone! I have some squares done and have pm'd for addys. Gonna try and hit the PO on Friday morning!
  4. Nira

    My first finished knitted item!--a Star Trek potholder

    OOOOO, I so love this!
  5. Pineknott! I pledge 1 square! So busy this month. Boss on vacation and another coworker has jury duty. Registering my son for school and getting all the necessities! Also pledge 1 square for Emma's new baby and 2 for her FIL and MIL Harley blankets. Going to get all those done this month and sent out. And hopefully finish my MIL's shawl. Busy busy!
  6. Nira

    C’Ville August 2012 Tote

  7. Woot! Got an awesome square from Bubbe the other day. Thank you so much!
  8. Nira

    C’Ville August 2012 Tote

    Beautiful Tote! Can't wait to see some clues... and then the fun will begin!
  9. Nira

    Crochet Books Giveaway

    Congrats winners!
  10. Wow! Love all the eyecandy! As usual, I read this thread on my phone but until I get my computer problems figured out posting here won't be regular Can't wait to see who the biggest square for August is! I really need to take a break from my MIL's shawl and make some squares!
  11. Nira

    Crochet Books Giveaway

    Please enter me too! I love the workbasket! I have some copies that were my Grandmothers from the 50's!
  12. There is a certain charm to our first wonky squares don't ya think? Great job!
  13. Nira

    Biker Comfortghan for MIL and FIL

    Count me down for 2 more. I'll send them in a few weeks when I do another square for your new baby for the friendship-ghan cal.
  14. Nira

    Fat Bottom Bag 2.0

    Wonderful job!