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  1. How very pretty! Another project using my two favorite colors -- purple & turquoise! I just love SmoothFox's patterns, especially her round ripples! She is very talented and so are you for having completed this afghan to such a beautiful completion!
  2. That is quite a pattern to gift our forum! Thank you very much! It really makes a nice set and I LOVE that baby doll! If I get done with all of the big girl dolls I bought, I might just have to switch to baby dolls and layettes. Very sweet! Nice thing about this pattern is that if you have a preemie in the family, it will probably fit the real baby!
  3. Very cute -- this is more what I think of when I think crocheted Christmas decorations.
  4. I've seen the Creepy Cute book but never imagined there was one out that was quite this macabre! LOL! Not for me but glad people have fun with it. And who knows.... I might change my mind. I never thought I'd like the Goth look with tats & dog collars but I love Abby Sciuto from NCIS! There are some great patterns of her on Ravelry.
  5. Very pretty! Usually I like a tree to be green but yours is beautiful in white! I guess it makes us think of snow-covered branches! Merry Christmas!
  6. I have trouble manipulating those huge hooks, so I just use a J or K. I manage to loosen up my own tension and make it work, even with two strands. To me it is a lot easier than using the giant hooks. But others seem to have no problem with them. I think it is a matter of coordination! But to answer your question -- yes, there are L hooks. For larger hooks, I would recommend Jimbo's hand carved hooks. They are amazing! http://jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/ He actually has an L hook with a Christmas Tree ornament on the end -- very cute! I had to come back to edit one of the hooks
  7. BTW -- I LOVE the fullness of this tree! It is what sets it apart from some of the others online. I think it is beautiful just the way it is. But I would not insult the designers of less full trees either. We all like different things. That is part of the wonderful nature of things! Diversity and variety!
  8. Haha -- you just showed me that I had repeated myself! I used the "Too Legit to Knit" in the long list and then put it on here again, thinking I had just seen it for the first time. Give me a week and they will all seem new to me again. Short term memory is not working too well! But that just makes life more interesitng!
  9. I just ran across another one today.......Too legit to knit! ..... I'm "assuming" this means one DOES Crochet if they are too legit to knit!
  10. You're welcome to use my old business name: Best Kept Secrets -- I was glad I started with a name that did not say crochet. I started selling just crochet, then mixed in decorative painting and woodworking, then went to painting classes -- all on the same business name! We just changed the graphics on our business cards. Amy started a thread not long ago about Crochet phrases that includes LOTS of great names for a crochet shop! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=131435 As I was typing my list, I could see many of them as shop names! Hope you get some inspiration fr
  11. These are the ones that came to mind. I might have heard some and not remember but I think most are originals. Still, they are so common, I'm sure others have thought of them before me. Off the Hook By Hook or Crook Ewe and Eye (show a sheep and a needle eye) Walk softly and carry a big hook! (Change up from movie line) Legal Hookers From the Best to the Worsted Spin me a Yarn Knotty Hookers Knotty Knitters Great Balls of Yarn The Hook Nook A Stitch in Time Hook & Skein Cro-chez Moi! The Chain Gang Hooking on the Chain Gang Chains and Loops Keep Me in Stitches H
  12. These are very pretty -- thank you so much for sharing your pattern! I am always amazed at how many of my favorite patterns have been generously shared by the designers at no charge! Very appreciative of your talents!
  13. It just means that you will chain 3 and that chain 3 will count as one treble crochet + one chain. It takes the place of the first treble and chain one, in the pattern. Here are the instructions for completing a treble crochet (U.S. version) if that is needed: http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=19 Step 1: Bring yarn twice over the hook (from back to front), skip the first four chains, then insert hook into the fifth chain from the hook Step 2: Hook yarn and draw it through the chain stitch and up onto the working area of the hook; you now have four loops
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