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  1. Yes Granny Square, I was just wanting the one pattern. I didn't know for sure if was available for sale in a smaller leaflet or not. Not really wanting to buy the book for one pattern. I may try drawing it out on gragh paper. Thanks for the suggestion! It is much appreciated!
  2. Thank you Mona! This is helpful. I will keep this in mind if I cannot find the individual pattern for sale.
  3. In search of this pattern, Heirloom Creations # 7494. Thanks for any help.
  4. ok. I found the client area, but it says that I need to pay before I can get the pattern. When I used the coupon code, it worked and said that I owe 0.00. I tried using the code again, but it won't let me do that either. Can you help me figured this out? Thank you, Jolena
  5. It is beautiful!! I love it. How did you do it step by step? Would love to give it a try.
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