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  1. Beautiful work -- I love the heart afghan! What a gorgeous scrap-ghan!
  2. Once again Red Heart is gifting us with 12 wonderful (and FREE) patterns for Christmas in July! My absolute favorite is the granny tree skirt! I love it and can't wait to make it! But there are are more to love! Here's the link: http://www.redheart.com/blog/christmas-july-12-free-patterns?utm_source=WhatCounts+Publicaster+Edition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12+Christmas+in+July+Patterns&utm_content=It%27s+Christmas+in+July
  3. They are all beautiful! My favorites are the Blue Curacao's but I know they are all going to make someone thrilled to wrap up in!
  4. I love the Hello Kitty hat! I bought a HK hat pattern and then subsequently found about a dozen free ones! LOL! Isn't that always the way? But I do like to support our crochet designers so they will keep providing patterns! I'm not creative in that way and need my patterns! Your creative additions to come out with what you wanted is an art form as well! Very cute!
  5. Welcome from another Florida Gulfcoast member! Since you enjoy making the crochet borders on fleece blankets, you might also be interested in the EdgeryDoo tool in addition to the Quick Stitch blades for rotary cutters. http://www.edgerydoo.com/edgerydoo.html This site will introduce you to it and you can see lots of examples of its use as well as order one or a set if you're interested. Just one more tool to do the style blankets you make. If you're already familiar with it, sorry but maybe someone else reading along will benefit. If you haven't seen them before, you might just get as excited as I did first time I saw the Edgerydoo! It is quite a unique idea. I still like using the Quick Stitch Blade too though. The Edgerydoo doesn't replace it, just adds another option. In fact, I just ordered a new Quick Stitch blade from your site, as I don't know what I've done with mine and your price looks pretty reasonable. Crazy to have so many craft items you lose track of one! I'm not as organized as I wish I was. Hope you like the forum. I have been gone for a while but trying to get back to crochet after surgery on my elbow last year. Maybe a few crochet borders on fleece blankets will make an easy transition back to it! I'll look forward to receiving my new QS blade from you. BTW have you thought about carrying the other sizes of QS blades for flannel and lacings? I could probably use one of the #2 blades for flannel. In Florida, fleece is sometimes too much. Flannel offers a lighter-weight option. The #2 blades make smaller holes closer together than the Original.
  6. Hahaha! Thanks I got a kick out of that one! Very cute.
  7. I'd say that handsome smile was worth every stitch! He was obviously very pleased with your work! That's what makes crochet worthwhile!
  8. DebraKay

    My first afghan

    You have a right to gush! That is beautiful! Your stitches look very nice and uniform in size and tension! That is usually difficult to come by on your first few projects. You have started out at an intermediate level instead of beginner! Very nice!
  9. DebraKay

    Smelly Cat

    I love how you turned a negative (smelly yarn) into a positive (Smelly Cat)! Phoebe Buffay would be proud! I smelled some of that scented yarn once and my impression was the same... it stinks! I think it is Sugar & Cream that has the scented cotton. Either they didn't get their formula right or it didn't age well. Smelly, is right! LOL! Just in case someone wanted to relive the Friends video treatment of Smelly Cat -- here it is: But this is the version we all grew to love on the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7jlGRq8xZ4 "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It's not your fault!" LOL! I LOVED that show!
  10. That is beautiful -- you are going to have a very lucky family member at this reunion! Gorgeous use of color! I love the way it blends into each color.
  11. I love your sheep! It is really cute as can be! I can see a whole storybook being designed around this little character! He needs a name though! Do you have a pattern, or is this a OOAK design?
  12. That is the most adorable crocheted baby outfit I have ever seen! How precious for a little girl in the pink & white and it would look just as sweet for a baby boy done in blue & white! Love your designs!
  13. I haven't been on the forum for a while and it was good to dig in and admire all of the amazing work you all have been doing the past few months! Whether you followed a pattern, developed your own pattern or worked a free form design, I thank you for taking the time to share it here on Crochetville! I had almost forgotten how wonderful this site can be. I learn, I bookmark for future use, but most of all I thoroughly enjoy looking at the crochet artistry! You are all artists! The pieces you complete bring a lot of pleasure to people like me who crochet but not as much as I once did. I can't make all the projects I have bookmarked to do ~ even a generous life span will not leave me enough time to crochet the hundreds of projects I have in my Pinterest indexes! So, having all of you share in the making, works out great! You all inspire me and I promise to get busy and finish some of the many WIPs I have sitting around this old house of mine. I just wanted to thank you all for sharing! It really is appreciated more than you know! You all are amazing!! ♥
  14. DebraKay


    Peggy -- that is an adorable Zebra! I bet your daughter loves it! Is the Zebra still the symbol for rare diseases in general or is it a specific one? Whichever illness your daughter has, I hope the prognosis is good and she enjoys her zebra very much.
  15. Very pretty! Do you have a favorite pattern you use or are these done from your own?
  16. Cindy -- thank you for sharing your blog in answer to this question! I loved your site and added it to my Pinterest Board of Favortite Crochet Sites! I was amazed at how clever you are in recycling things to crochet -- cassette & VCR tapes! Who would've thought? YOU! There must be tons of those tapes filling land fills and you are making useful and pretty items from them! I will have to give it a shot myself. Thanks so much for sharing all of this info! You should write a book! I guess you already have -- an online book.
  17. I love your Fishy Bag! I have still not tried tapestry crochet but it is on my Bucket List.
  18. Have you tried using nylon for the handles? It seems to be the least stretchy of the yarns/threads I've used. I've used it and also #3 thread with the little rope maker knitting spool tool and made some very nice handles! These are the little knitting spools I'm talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Clover-3101-Wonder-Knitter/dp/B000WUY7YI/ref=pd_sim_hg_1 http://www.amazon.com/Lion-Brand-7002-French-Knitter/dp/B00281IP1U/ref=pd_sim_ac_5
  19. I just downloaded my digital copy of that magazine and that is the project I picked out as wanting to make as well. I wonder how it would turn out in worsted weight yarn. I've substituted WW for sport cotton before and it is not to dificult to adjust as you go. I usually can just use the directions for a much smaller size and it will turn out right for me (XL). I happen to have a ton of bright yellow acrylic..... but then it would not feel as good and the drape would not be nice. Since it's something I want to wear I think I have to follow the advice you are getting here. It's the prettiest sweater that I would actually wear I've seen in a long time.
  20. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest -- they had taken doilies and appliques and sewn them onto furniture -- first to cover worn spots and then just for fun. I've used them on Stockings, a tree skirt, totes, and a scarf. I want to use them on more projects as there has been an influx of adorable appliques recently! You could use them to make a plain T-shirt extra special, use them to patch a pair of jeans (sometimes those purposely-worn holes are a little too much), you can even use them on shoes. Bobs are fun to paint, embroider and sew appliques on! Skies the limit -- just about any project can be embellished with an applique -- make some placemats, a tablecloth, a pillow, an afghan -- they can all be adorned with an applique or two or three.... Fun!!!
  21. Just saw a FB posting from Drew Emborsky (aka The Crochet Dude) and it reminded me -- his book Crochet It, Love It, Wear It has several dresses and skirts and a tunic that you might like to look at! His book just became available as a digital download in addition to the paper book! http://bit.ly/JWjTiU The little black dress is a winner! Lots of options for you!
  22. I bought this dress pattern a couple of years ago and still love it -- not for me but for my granddaughters. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/molly-dress The Crochet Dude just finished a Mother-of-the Groom dress that is beautiful! He promises to have the pattern for us in the near future. http://www.elletricote.com/2-CREATIONS/collection%20automnhiver%202010%2011/Z6.gif Gorgeous! I love this skirt! Tunics: http://www.etsy.com/listing/75007815/crochet-retro-dresstunic?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share Hope she offers the pattern one of these days! I love this fun tunic! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/craft-cotton-tunic -- simple cotton tunic I have lots of dresses, skirts & tunics on my Crochet~ Wearables Board on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/fldebra/ I took a look just now and notice a great many of the fancier ones are not in English. My google translator will automatically translate for me but they do not always equate to actual patterns you can easily follow. I have managed to guess my way through a couple though.
  23. I guess it makes more sense now that I know it was for a protest. I had not realized that. Just had this huge influx of crocheted vaginas come across Pinterest about the same time and thought... ick and why? I still wouldn't be making one but at least they had a reason, or some of them did anyway. Not sure they all understood it was part of a political protest. The boob hat to support breast feeding did not make sense to me. I breast fed all my kids and very occasionally had to do it in public but I don't think anyone ever knew. I was discrete, used a very light but covering baby blanket and wore nursing-easy clothing. There is no need to "flop it out" as I have seen a few do. They are evidently wanting to make a statement and almost daring people to say something. It still doesn't bother me but I always wonder if they are really enjoying the wonderful moment or thinking more about making a spectacle. To me, it was always a very personal, private and cherished time for me and my baby. I didn't want to share that with strangers. I was never made to feel ashamed of it either. But like I said, no one probably even realized I was doing it in public. I've never seen anyone say or do anything negative to any woman breastfeeding in public. Is it really a problem that needs a protest? Glad to know I was not alone in my thinking on the strange-ness of some of the patterns. Still, there are so many more that I LOVE I have no room to be complaining. There are so many great designers out there and I am so thankful they share their talents so we can all make adorable things!
  24. It might just be me, but it seems like I am seeing an awful lot of strange crochet patterns lately. The photo op outfits for newborns have taken off with a bang and since all of the cute ideas seem to have been done, I'm noticing some very odd selections recently! Hats too seem to have taken a strange turn. Do people really dress their newborns as pigs, lobsters, and some much odder choices for photos? Do they really dress in matching BOOB hats (complete with lifelike nipples in most cases) along with their tiny child? I love the ladybugs, giraffes, bears, frogs. I even get on board with owls, sheep and monkeys but .... pigs and boobs? Really? Even cows, hippos, fish, sort of creep me out a little when I think of dressing a baby for photos....but the pigs and boobs were over the top. The ones that really have me scratching my head with wonder though ....female body parts! I have no idea why the sudden interest in crocheting female body parts? I had a huge influx come through my Pinterest pages recently? My main thought was WHY? Why on earth? They even seem to have made entire Boards on Pinterest for Crocheted Vaginas! Is it part of some sort of sex education or what? I just don't get it! Not expecting an answer, maybe some empathy.... I guess I just needed to get that off my mind.
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