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    Tiffany Garrett
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    Proud mom & wife, craft addict, music lover, student & business owner!
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    Brandenburg, Kentucky
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    Crochet, Sewing, Knitting, Photography, Bead work, Collect buttons & beads, playing WoW
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    *Domestic Engineer* ~ Tiff-of-all-trades
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    Baby Items, Photo Props, Purses, Scarves, Kitchen Items, Hats.. just about everything!
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    January 2008

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  1. Your blanket turned out gorgeous!
  2. OOOOH it's so pretty!!! I'm just going to have to make one! Bookmarked the pattern just now! TYFS another fabulous shawl!
  3. I'm 29 and just started crocheting in January 2008.
  4. Hey everyone! I am going to work on transferring all of my previous blogs' pages over to WordPress. If you happened to be a follower, please update your bookmarks to the new address: tiffer93. Thank you all and I hope to start the merger very soon!
  5. How sweet is that?! She's all wrapped up and ready to have an adventure in the snow. TYFS!
  6. Not only have I been updating my blog, but I'm taking it to the next level with crochet tutorials! It's just on it's first leg at the moment, but I hope to finish up the first few lessons this week. Here is the link to my crochet help blog. Here is my daily rambling blog (with crochet included!) Thanks for looking and hope to see you around!
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