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  1. The stitch is not new to me, I've done it a million times! However, I am designing a hat that uses fpdc and in the rounds after I've done all the increasing I need to do, the stitches have started leaning more than I would like. Is there a secret to keeping them all lined up? I know that some leaning is natural, but this is to the point that the entire design is off! Should I be missing a stitch and then placing it somewhere? First 6 rounds of pattern (my design) are as follows: *Note: 2 dc are worked in the st behind the fpdc on increase rounds, do not skip the stitch behind the fpdc
  2. Ann, it's beautiful! I still haven't finished mine. Took some time to myself & spending it with family & friends in my very short summer break from school. The summer term just started and it is going to be a pain! More work in this 8 weeks than all other weeks previously combined! I might not even have time to finish my shawl to enter in the fair this year, but it will be an ongoing project regardless, as I want to make another couple of them for gifts this year. Back to the homework, hope you're all doing wonderfully!
  3. Hi ladies! Was a busy but fun weekend. I sort of unplugged, spending time with the hubby & our friends. Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we didn't do a thing! It was kinda nice, just to relax, watch some TV together, eat pizza and not stress. Today I am paying for the time "off" with more to do than I care to think about, but wanted to stop in to 'see' you all! Estee, so glad you finally got your yarn untangled. I actually don't mind untangling yarn anymore but I have felt frustrated and annoyed more than I care to admit. Now it's sort of therapeutic! Yeah, I'm strange, I know! LOL
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't checked in for a few days, took a few to "unplug" and went fishing, spent time with the hubby & some friends over the weekend. Of course that didn't leave much time to crochet, but today is the last day of class for the term, so it's on the list for this week! It won't take long to finish up my shawl, I just gotta make myself sit down to work on it. How is everyone? Hope you're all doing great! Check in again soon!
  5. It's just one dress It's reversible. LOL I haven't ever had any issues before the needle hitting the plate incident yesterday so I just kinda freaked out. A new machine is in order tho, as this one is not quite all that I need given that I am really wanting to expand into more elaborate sewing. For now I am just a beginner that can follow a tutorial. LOL Love that flash back. I am pretty sure my first square came from Mom w/a Motif back in late 2010 or early 2011. Time flies when you're collecting puffies! Today wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped, but there's always tomorrow.
  6. hope you are back to normal soon too! And to everyone as well! This being sick stuff is no fun
  7. Hi all! Dropping back in for a quick minute before hitting the pillow for the night. This girl is TIRED to the millionth power! Doc has issued an extensive blood screen. He only did a screen for thyroid issues with the tiny bit they got the other day. So back to the office Tuesday for lots of vials to get drawn. Headed in the right direction and not going to freak out, but sheesh this gets old. Been dealing with it for a long time but it's finally gotten to the point that I am miserable just to get up. I love & need to stay busy so we can't be having too many more of these lousy days
  8. Pattern added to my library! It's so pretty, gonna have to work one up! Got blood test back, perfectly normal they said. So now waiting to hear back for the next course of action. I'm hoping my doc has a plan and doesn't refer me out to a specialist! Homework grind today & tomorrow, going to finish up the term a few days early since the summer break got cut a week ...
  9. Should be finding out the results of my blood work later this afternoon. I kinda feel better just knowing that I'm on my way to figuring out what the issue is. Doc says since my swelling didn't go away totally after going wheat free (it came back after the 3rd day) that he's very sure I'm not allergic but staying low carb isn't a bad idea... The blood work is to check for a thyroid problem, which might result in a pill to take every day, but that is something I can live with, where this swelling and feeling fatigued I can't! Blood pressure was perfect, right on the money at 110/80 and he was h
  10. No puffy here yet! Hoping it won't be much longer as I am getting super anxious to know who my FFA partner was! Doc appt in a couple hours. In the meantime, been cleaning all morning (that happens when your Momma calls and says she's on her way! LOL). Almost have the office cleaned back up from my fabric tornado yesterday. Trying to find the right combinations for some baby dresses I'll be making soon... Didn't get to my (Katie's) squares last night but when we got back from taking Bentley home I just couldn't keep my eyes open!
  11. Hi everyone! Hope you had a fab weekend! This girl has! when a plan works out. We had a bbq at our friends (we loaded up the stuff and they provided the yard), kids played all day on the slip n slide in the rain, rain finally moved out in time for the food & bonfire with S'Mores! Oh I can't remember a day that fun in quite some time. Def keeping my appt for tomorrow, as I need to know what is going on with me. Have put it off long enough! Katie, excellent packages! Your reign as Queen has definitely started on the right foot! Kuddles, love that hat! Since I didn't get
  12. I know what you mean! Seems my swelling only took a small vacation instead of going away. Now it's back, the past 2 days and I haven't eaten a single thing with any type of wheat in it at all, just meat & veggies. Not even a crouton on my salads! I also have some weird like, chemical burn type of spot on my face. Nothing in my routine has changed at all, soaps, perfumes, detergents, nada. Although I have even tried just washing my face with water, no soap or cleanser and it is still feeling like it is on fire and even though I have an oily T-zone, the skin is like I have been burned &
  13. Hi gang! Popping in for a quick minute to catch up. Kuddles, pretty squares! Love the bright colors. No complaints today (yes, you might want to write that down somewhere!) ... I got to visit my Mom & made a pit stop to Michaels for some beads while I was in town. I behaved, in a craft store, and only got the supplies I need for the piece I am making this weekend! :O Off to finish up the bumblebee outfit that just needs embellished! No homework until Saturday, weather *might* get a little rough later but I don't think we're in the line of the most severe stuff here, thankful
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