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    Mother to three grown children.Grandmother to four grandchildren. One dog named Sadie, she is a beagle. Married 31 years.
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    Northern Lower Michigan
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    crocheting, scrapbooking, paper crafting,card making,
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    lots of things
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    since 1979
  1. really cute,kids will love them.
  2. Nice hats, I am partial to the red and white one.
  3. Super cute, I cannot imagine a girl who would not love this for her Barbie.
  4. reneeann


    oh it looks so soft and real.
  5. Just wonderful, she will love it.
  6. Crocheted a few white flowers, sewed pink buttons in center. Going to use on a scrapbooking page.
  7. Your afghans are great. I have a great nephew who is autistic he loves the red,yellow and blue. They have a weighted blanket they use with him. It helps him feel more secure and helps to soothe him.
  8. cute, made me smile.
  9. glad you could check in, I am at library too, we can only get dial up internet at home, it just seems so slow.
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