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    I am a retired nurse. I was
    taught knitting and crochet
    when I was 5 or6. Later I
    learned to quilt,sew and so forth.
    I live in a small semi-rural
    town in Wi.
    I work with various charities such as Project Linus,Warm up America,and Salvation Army free clinics and shelters.
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    rural Wisconsin
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    retired nurse
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    afghans,clothing,toys,wall art.
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  1. What a lovely gift. You have created a special treasure.
  2. I see only one problem with display of yarns open to sun light, it will fade in time. A relative had a large sewing/craft room with many windows. She had her yarn sorted by color and set in wall shelves. The exposed parts of her skeins faded over time.
  3. Your afghan is great! I love the mix of colors. You did a great job. What is the finished measurements? How many skeins did you use?
  4. Interesting pattern and great colors!
  5. You might like to check Bev'scoountrycottage.com She offers many patterns in both knit and crochet on her site.
  6. I have a very comfortable wing back chair, Surrounded by a blue spectrum floor lamp, and a large yarn stand which holds tons of things including a dozen skeins of yarn,many pockets for patterns,hooks,markers,and so on. I also have my bose wave cd player. I can spend hours peacefully working on charity projects.
  7. I have a special lamp for vision problems. Its called a blue spectrum floor lamp. It uses special bulbs. It gives excellent light. It also has a dimmer switch. Its made in Michigan. My eye surgeon suggested it. If you would like more information pm me and I will share their information with you.
  8. spiritwalker

    No Knots

    I always knot. One of the things I do is repair knitting and crocheting for others. If people receiving hand made items do the washer/dryer on or the item unravels for any other reason. If there are knots it isn't going to happen.
  9. I do a lot about 98% of my crochet and knitting for charity and much of the yarn is donated by church groups and others. These are single skeins or less. If I am doing a contract piece for someone, they purchase the yarn. A gift for a family member or friend I usually order my yarn from www.knitpicks.com I love working with their acrylic yarn. It comes it beautiful colors and is long wearing, washes well. Its offered in 3 different weights. I have never been disappointed in their yarns. They offer excellent customer service.
  10. I love the colors, its very pretty.
  11. Many people have no experiencing with purchasing yarn. If they do they usually are making their own afghans. The other factor might be the person's age. I was talking with any older relative recently. She told when she knit sweaters she paid .25 a skein for good yarn purchased from local farms. When I explained what a sweater would cost today she was overwhelmed. When I contract to create any item for a person other than family. They purchase the yarn and my fee at minimum is 3x the cost of the yarn or more. We have a written contract and they pay 50% up front and the remainder when t
  12. I have two sets of clover regular size all letters. One with soft touch handles. The other the clover Amour hooks with padded/color coded handles. I have the large hook size k-n in clover reflections. These are all comfortable hooks which allow me to crochet for hours without taking a break.
  13. Most of the yarns I use are donations to various charities. When I am making a special gift for a family member I use Brava by knitpicks. Its acrylic and comes in 3 different weights and about 100 colors/ Its soft, works up well, washes and retains true colors. It comes in 100gram skeins.
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