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    I am a retired nurse. I was
    taught knitting and crochet
    when I was 5 or6. Later I
    learned to quilt,sew and so forth.
    I live in a small semi-rural
    town in Wi.
    I work with various charities such as Project Linus,Warm up America,and Salvation Army free clinics and shelters.
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    rural Wisconsin
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    retired nurse
  • Favorite projects
    afghans,clothing,toys,wall art.
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  1. I do a lot about 98% of my crochet and knitting for charity and much of the yarn is donated by church groups and others. These are single skeins or less. If I am doing a contract piece for someone, they purchase the yarn. A gift for a family member or friend I usually order my yarn from www.knitpicks.com I love working with their acrylic yarn. It comes it beautiful colors and is long wearing, washes well. Its offered in 3 different weights. I have never been disappointed in their yarns. They offer excellent customer service.
  2. I am retired and a night owl. I crochet everyday in the eveings and into the early mornings. I was a night shift nuirse and am use to sleeping during the day.
  3. I find the best time for me is evenings after supper. I am retired, but am busy during the day and can not sit long enough to get anything done.
  4. My yarn come from donations for special groups so it varies. I have one rubbermaid container, but it isn't full.
  5. I usually have both large and small projects going. I always have at least one afghan sometimes more going. I make the around the world granny's for project linus. I usually also have small projects such as chemo caps, slippers, mittens, and scarves. The small project fit easily into my purse and I can work on them while traveling or waiting at an appointment. I don't like to sit without a hook or needles in my hands. It feels wrong, as wasted time.
  6. Beautiful. You do outstanding design and color work. It will be a treasure to whoever receives it.
  7. I use to quit and embroider but have given them up due to vision problems. I crochet,knit,do plastic canvas, rag rugs, weaving on small loom read,write, do some pattern design for my family craft group. I also bake,cook and enjoy music.
  8. Very nice,looks like a lot of work and a detailed pattern.
  9. Beautiful pattern and colors.
  10. I am right handed, but learned from two left handed my Mother and Grandmother. At one point I had a couple of broken fingers. I just changed my hook to the other hand and ran yarn over braced fingers.
  11. The Christmas tree is lovely and would make a beautiful center piece.
  12. I am 62 but have been crocheting and knitting since I was about six years old. I could do both before I began school.
  13. My grandmother taught all her grandkids that wanted to learn. I learned to crochet,knit,make rag rugs,sew,quilt, and crewel work. All of this was learned before we started school. We often spent many hours on the farm with our grnadparents.
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