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Cat bed (with cat)


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I just wanted to share my first project with you.


I have been inspired by all of you.


I made this cat bed and none of my cats even looked at it!! :(


Then I threatened to take it to the Cat Sanctuary..... Lo and behold they started a queue.




These are my 'special cats' they are disabled Frank (above)






This is Wibble!



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Very nice ~ I have a basket set up as my cat is pregnant, she doesn't get to sleep in it as the other one loves to cozy up in it :yay Maybe I should get busy and make a proper cat bed :yes

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OMG!!! Those are the most gorgeous cats EVER!!!! I used to have an all black one when i was a kid.... now i have 6 and one is white and the other 5 are orange!!




Wow 5 Orangies! I have one orange but he is too big for this bed ;)





Thanks to all for the kind comments.

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