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  1. If you don't have an account with Ravelry this pattern said : This pattern was adapted from a Lion Brand Night and Day Poncho and a Caron Brand Ruffle Scarf with Bliss. Day to Night Poncho -- you need a lionbrand login, but it's free. This has a hood. You can make it in one color instead of two if you want.
  2. Lots of good ideas. You could also do a cape or cloak or capelet and then add a hood from a hooded scarf (lots of hooded scarfs out there). Just sew it on separate if the scarf pattern is separate.
  3. This is good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Marci, I saw that booklet. However, those snuggies you made are probably wonderful anyway. And there's always other chirstmases. dewbaby, that looks great! Mine is still just yarn (except 2 skines I used for a vest and another I started something but probably won't finish...). Maybe after christmas. I have an afghan to finish for a friend for christmas. I would love a crochet one for me. The fleece one I bought I don't like. It was a store brand one. It works to keep me warm, but I'd prefer a crochet one. Debbi
  5. I still haven't started mine. But I want to. Just keep seeing other things I want to crochet:blush. I just finished a sweater with the sleeves attached, it was hard to work with, and I turned my sleeves, so I could just sort of turn them, but working on the inside of the sleeve wasn't that easy even without turning the entire sweater. I was thinking the next time I do something like this, I'll make the sleeves separate and then sew them on. I've done that before, it's not really that hard to wipstitch them. I hope I remember to do it with this snuggie also. So that might be an ide
  6. Melody, that is beautiful. You did a great job. thank you for sharing. I like that yarn too.
  7. Cheryl, I bought a cheap one at a store (that's why I decided to make my own--it was way cheap:P--not even the ones advertised on TV) but I"ve used it because they're so nice and fuctional, I can be warm and crochet at the same time. Anyway, it goes beneath my feet. Which I like, when I sit in a chair, I can cross my legs and my legs and feet stay warm. So when I stand up if I don't want to take it off (to refill my water), I just toss it over one shoulder because it would drag on the ground. Also would be great for laying down for a while (maybe to read, I love to do that), because then t
  8. If you don't have stitch markers you could use safety pins or even paper clips (color ones are coated and you could use a different color through the snugggie. I've used both. With stitch markers you only have to count to 10 or 20 (my choice would be a smaller count). Oh I got an idea from someone to put a little letter bead on a safety pin and put that on a project to remind myself which size hook I was using, you could do that with number beads (they have tiny beads you can use). When it's something simple like this, I usually don't count as I'm crocheting. What I do is I'll st
  9. I'm using a K hook on the Red Heat pattern because I crochet loose. And using one strand. If you crochet tight you could go up to an M or N. The N hooks are pretty easy to find and usually alumninum. I don't think I've ever saw an L or M hook in the store (I know they are out there though). I'm only using one strand (or will be when I start). It will make it lighter, plus the larger hook making the stitches loose (looser then I even crochet). You could use 2 strands of yarn, but then you may want a larger hook then an L. An N or even Q works great with two strands. You could use a K hook
  10. I haven't started. I need to find time to go yarn shopping. Maybe tomorrow, but not sure...
  11. Beuatiful. You did a great job.
  12. I'd like to join. I bought a store bought one for $10 (clearance) and it's not really that thick and I don't like the fabric all that much (it was cheap kind of fleece aparently). I'll be doing the Red Heart one in red heart yarn (I like that yarn and it's inexpensive). I'll be doing the regular adult size, not the large size. I need to decide on color and find a time when I can purchase it (busy, busy, busy right now). Debbi
  13. What a beautiful scarf! I love it. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  14. That's what I did last night when I couldn't sleep. Worked on a sc only bag. It seemed to big so I started over, now it seems too small, but maybe not. But that's what I wanted to do, nothing that would make me think too hard but still kind of productive Maybe making towels would be a way to do this too...
  15. So anyone try one? How did it work out? [found this post by searching for something else]. Debbi
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