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  1. Thanks so much for the info I am going to give it a try now
  2. That is beautiful. Can you please tell me what pattern you used and what size needle?? Mine never look like that
  3. Hello everyone, wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year! I am quite excited as I have been told of a new baby this year. It makes me an Aunt again! I have done a few starghans recently for young girls. I would really really like to do one of these for the new baby. Could you please tell me which pattern to go for and any ideas on colours??? Thanks so much. I really really like the ones you have finished and put on here. I would say that they are works of art. xxxSharon
  4. Its beautiful!!! Well done I think I would keep it too! ;-)
  5. Gorgeous I love it!! Which pattern did you use? xxxSharon
  6. The main reason for me coming back to crochet was because I have arthritis. Recently it has got into my fingers which is very painful. I am led to believe that keeping the fingers busy is the best thing. I use the loose pencil grip and prefer a biggish hook. My pain seems to have lessened since I resumed my crochet which is great news. I plan to keep busy and keep doing the crochet. I think sometimes it isnt the grip as much as time spent at it. Too long sore fingers, for me anyway. Its interesting to see the different ways people crochet.
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