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    Mom of two wonderful kids and three cats.
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    Troy, Illinois (near St. Louis)
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    crocheting, watching TV/movies, playing with my kids
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    afghans, bedspreads, baby blankets, scarves
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    since 2000?
  1. Oh, the one in the Ravelry link is on page 100-something.
  2. What color was the afghan? There is one called "soft stripes" on page 68 of afghans for all seasons.
  3. http://crochetme.com/twinkle-twinkle
  4. What a great afghan. It must have been quite a lot of work to make sure everything was the same size.
  5. This is my go-to blanket. I've made several in all sorts of different yarns. It's a very easy pattern and works up quickly because the body is all v-stitches worked into a chain space, so no hunting for the tops of stitches.
  6. Very well done! I hear you about the gauge. I had issues with one of her baby patterns, too, and had to make modifications. I always have issues with gauge, though. I can either get the height or width right, but never, never both. All your work paid off, though, because it's beautiful.
  7. Well, it's great that they are at least willing to pay for it. Everyone I know expects me to whip them up a scarf for free. It's great to have your work appreciated, though.
  8. Oh, my fave is the top one, but they are all very pretty. Where are the patterns from, if you don't mind my asking?
  9. Oh, that's fantastic. So cute. Would be great to have on the desk at work.
  10. Great job! Those are beautiful!
  11. Is this the one with the single crochet border and uses dc, hdc, and sc all in the same round?
  12. I also like the one-stop source for pattern errata. Easier to find it on there than hunting around the publisher's site. Lately, I've had fun looking for new patterns because you can choose the weight of the yarn, the craft, what type of pattern it is. It's great. I've tried quite a few new patterns by searching and then looking at all the variations by the different crocheters.
  13. Yeah! Favicon! Now I can delete the site name from my bookmark toolbar. Super!
  14. Oh, man, don't you just love those things!!! I use them all the time. In fact, I have one comforter sized one sitting next to me that holds all my misc yarn. It's easy to squish it around to see what's in there. As for toting projects around. I just use those free bags you tend to get with makeup or book purchases. I have several I picked up at a career fair. If you live somewhere that has a big "market" type street (ie. Chinatown), like San Francisco or New York, you can pick up one of those giant tote bags for a few bucks and they usually have a simple little pocket on the outside and zip or snap up on the top. I don't make my own totes, because the yarn it takes to make a tote is just to heavy to be lugging around more stuff in, especially as the project gets bigger. Also, if you're going to be carrying around hooks, the bag will either have to be lined or you'll need a smaller carry pouch to put inside it so the hooks don't fall through the stitches.
  15. Selune

    Early Mistake

    Yeah, mostly we tend to notice the flaws because we know we made them, but no one else would notice unless you pointed it out. It's just the mark of hand-crafted love.
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