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  1. Thanks for you help.The faux fur pom poms are super easy to make. I expecting to get some faux fur soon, ordered from Hobby Lobby, 2 1/2 inch pile length, lets hope its the right kind,lol. Thanks for the link redrosesdz.
  2. I want to make some Pom Poms for my crochet hats. Any ideas of what type of faux fur is the best to use?
  3. I am about to buy some faux fur online that I can use to make some faux fur pom poms for hats? Any ideas on to what pile length that would be best ? Any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  4. This is my cousin Maddison. She loves to model my hats. She has so much fun .
  5. No sorry I do not have a pattern for this set. Its just something that I made up .
  6. Well its been quite a while since I have posted anything. This is a little hat and scarf set that I recently made. My little cousin was so happy to wear it.
  7. Thanks Cissy . Yes, Its just something that i made up.
  8. Its been quite a while since i posted on the site. I have been working on a couple of sweater sets for somebody special.
  9. Beautiful Dresses and they look so cute wearing them. Great job! Judy:)
  10. That is a lovely blankie for Peter. I'll be praying that all goes well. Judy
  11. You did a great job on the little hat and loafers. I have that loafer pattern too , and I really enjoyed crocheting them. Very nice work. :)Judy
  12. That is a very nice hat. Great job! Judy
  13. This is my niece Marlie wearing her hat that I crocheted for her . She was so happy because she loves Peace Signs.
  14. Just soooo lovely, and it is great that you are donating them to charity. You do great work. Judy
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