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  1. Thanks for you help.The faux fur pom poms are super easy to make. I expecting to get some faux fur soon, ordered from Hobby Lobby, 2 1/2 inch pile length, lets hope its the right kind,lol. Thanks for the link redrosesdz.
  2. I want to make some Pom Poms for my crochet hats. Any ideas of what type of faux fur is the best to use?
  3. I am about to buy some faux fur online that I can use to make some faux fur pom poms for hats? Any ideas on to what pile length that would be best ? Any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  4. Awhh, little chi is so adorable. Love the little sweater too! It makes me want another chihuahua, our little chi got very sick last year, we had to put him down. He was almost 15 years old. I still miss him! It is very hard to find small clothing for chihuahuas. Great job! Judy
  5. I have been browsing on the web and I came across a site for the following. Hope this helps. Dog Booties http://www.ljccrochetdesigns.com/DogBooties.html
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