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  1. They are adorable! I really like the colors that you chose.
  2. I love to make this dishcloth! You can make it any size and it looks great with variegated thread.
  3. I've broken both wrists. The first one (the right) was about 3 years ago and I didn't crochet for some time afterward but I must say that once I started it was a great way to get it back in shape. I broke my left wrist last Sept and it was a bad break. I haven't tried to crochet yet since I'm still having pain in it. I could try to crochet and just see. I'm not taking PT so I need to do something to get it back in shape.
  4. Amy and Donna, I appreciate you letting us know that you had to change Crochetville due to out of date software. I'm not fond of major changes but I understand the necessary of it. Thank you both for all the hard work you are putting in to make this a better site. I do miss being able to see the new contents by forum. There are some forums I'm not as interested in others and when I'm short on time, I like to skip them and just go to the ones I'm more interested in. If it is not possible to sort by forum, could you at least change the color of the name of the forum so that it stands out a bit. I see the name of the thread then everything is grey under that. Also the spell check is not working for me. I'm usine IE8 and Windows XP (which I'm going to have to update shortly). I do have another spell checker on my computer that I'm using but it causes problems at times. Thanks again.
  5. Very pretty! I like the fact that they are removeable so they can me cleaned when needed.
  6. Hi and to Crochetville from the west side of Michigan.
  7. Hi and to Crochetville from the west side of Michigan.
  8. Hi Beth. to Crochetville from the west side of Michigan.
  9. Hi and to Crochetville from the west side of Michigan.
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