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  1. I've broken both wrists. The first one (the right) was about 3 years ago and I didn't crochet for some time afterward but I must say that once I started it was a great way to get it back in shape. I broke my left wrist last Sept and it was a bad break. I haven't tried to crochet yet since I'm still having pain in it. I could try to crochet and just see. I'm not taking PT so I need to do something to get it back in shape.
  2. Very pretty!!! I wonder if I can adapt it to fit my preemie doll. If I do I'll post a picture.
  3. Here is the dishcloth that I made. Guess I couldn't count since I ended up with 9 points. LOL I have no idea how I did it either!
  4. She is beautiful! BTW, my favorite color is pink also. LOL
  5. I agree that companies like Annie's Attic (DMG corporation) have more overhead than a individual but I don't understand why it cost as much for a downloaded version as it does for a printed version. Also why is there as much shipping and handling on a downloaded item as a printed booklet? I really prefer to buy printed books since my printer isn't all that great and the price of ink is very expensive.
  6. Very pretty. I especially like the hat. I'm going to make it for my preemie doll.
  7. That is a really clever pattern. I wonder if I could adapt it for my preemie size doll. It would be a great Halloween costume.
  8. Very pretty! You did a great job designing and creating the outfits. I wonder if any of it would fit my preemie size baby doll?
  9. It's really cute. Also it probably is just the right size for a Barbie doll , just leave the hole out for the tissues.
  10. They are very pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  11. I'm a big fan of cotton for both dishcloths and potholders. I always check for sales and then stock up.
  12. Thank you! for the pattern and the very detailed and helpful tutorial!
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