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  1. I just received my Talking Crochet! Newsletter and it had this as a FREE pattern now. I'm so glad. It was so expensive if I wanted to buy it, as it is very popular. I loved the hats in the scquares. I thought that was so cute. Several people here have made it and it always looks great. Chapeaus
  2. Beautiful. Stunning. Amazing.
  3. Is it this Navajo Afghan ? There was also one that I did (many years ago), were every 5th sc I did a LSC a row below. The next row it was on the 6th, next row 7th. I believe the original pattern was similar to the Navajo afghan (if not that one) but I didn't want to count back, so each row I just went up one more stitch, then when I had 5 sc I started over again. I just used scrap yarns on each row. Gave it to my aunt to use for her grand kids. Was warm and colorful. I believe it was called a Zig Zag pattern. But not sure. Maybe Lightening or something like that. Or maybe a ripple afghan? Could be soft ripples or a wavey afghan? With any ripple pattern you can create something like that.
  4. Beautiful. You did a great job with the scraps. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I have a lot of these. There was a thrift store by me that use to get them in all the time! I ended up with a bunch and love it. They were only $1 there and micheals had them for $2, so I got them from the thrift store. Unforunately that thrift store closed. I rarely find them at any other thrift store. But I love them. I thought they were older then the 60s or 70s, but if not, that's fine. I enjoy using them!
  6. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Very pretty angel.
  8. What a great idea! These will be very welcome gifts.
  9. I really want to get this calendar. I was looking through my 2007 and 2008 ones and just love looking at all of them. Here's a Table of Contents so you can see what's in there.
  10. Debbi-a1

    Ideas for twins

    Or a multi color/verigated baby color yarn. I've done tons of those for baby showers because they work for everyone. Just make sure that they have all the colors, one didn't have blue or something so I passed that verigated yarn up. Verigated works with any pattern really, although you don't want something that would look better if it showed up stitches. A basic double crochet blanket would be easy and look nice. Then if you wanted add some booties or hats.
  11. Very nice. Very innovative. I love the colors. Not sure on the math thing... I took a dishcloth pattern, made 2 and turned it into a purse.
  12. Beautiful! I love your afghan! I bet it did take a long time to make. I saw a pattern like that in a recent magazine and at only 50 inches it used about 70oz of yarn and I decided against doing that (it would have been expensive to enlarge it). Fall Comfort Throw in Crochet! Magazine, September 2010. it’s just a new update on the old Catherine’s Wheel afghan
  13. I love Crochet Today. In the latest issue I took the beginner afghan and the square pattern and made a purse out of it (I made up a side gusset so it would be wider). I love just looking through the magazines. I've started trying to do that with patterns, seeing what else I could do with them so I feel like I've got my money's worth. I decided to make it worth the money I had to make something from every issue, or just about every issue. Even some thing small. Like the 2 squares for the purse (and gusset and strap). I haven't considered digital yet, but it is intriguing. Maybe with a larger portable screen like a tablet (iPad type thing but leses expensive) would get me to do that.
  14. Boye size I. I like the end better then Susan Bates. I found that with my guage the I hook works great for worsted weight (my main yarn choice). I actually bought an extra to keep in my purse make up bag so I'd at least have that in there to use... since I try to make all my items with an I hook....
  15. I saw that and considered it for an afghan. I was organizing my yarn and found about 7 different colors of almost full skein. And I need to make an afghan for my friend for Christmas and I don't think she would mind too much if it was polka dot... she just loves afghans. The joining doesn't bother me too much. It's the weaving in of ends. There would be 2 of the color and 2 of the white: 4 ends to weave in. Usually I choose to sew then one of those ends can be used to sew and weave in. I still have my famous Babette to weave in (it's put away for now--finished it when it wasgetting too hot to work on an afghan).
  16. That is beautiful! I like that color. I made one in WW yarn and love it. I saw others on Ravelry that were in a lighter yarn with a larger hook and very lacy. I'm tempted to try it again. You did a great job, thanks for sharing. [love the dog too, as I'm a dog lover]
  17. :hugI'm sorry she did this. I agree that you were right in taking them back. Someone will enjoy them this winter. I also agree that next year you say you'll donate directly in cash. Of if you want, find a fundraiser that appreciates your crocheting and you can't donate this year because of other fundraising assignment and you're busy and all your funds are spread out among them. Or you can do some early in the year and when she asks, you say, "I've done my fundriasing for the year, if I can manage it I may be able to donate some cash...". Or just say, "sorry I'm not able to this year." and leave it at that.
  18. I know you found it, but Coat of many Scrumbles is another possiblity... I saw it on Ravelry as I was looking at sweaters... Coat of Many Scrumbles by Prudence Mapstone ISBN 0-9580443-4-9 Lots of inspiration for scrumbling! Read about how 63 fiberartists and crocheters from around the world got together to take up a challenge, and created four magnificent art-to-wear garments.
  19. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job on all of these. I can't believe you have made this many (in one color and lace weight). I can't wait to see the rest.
  20. I'll wear something crocheted to church. Maybe something new so people may ask... I have this lacy short sweater done in squares, that needs ends to weave it and some buttons. Maybe that will help me finish it.
  21. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  22. An idea: A simple single crochet strip for the top (just chain the width, work in sc, and work to the length). You could do a square for the front & back part of the arm rest, same as the top, just a chain and then sc. Do the same strip for the sides. Can you do an elastic underneath? That would keep it all together. Then it could be easily removed for washing. Or chain and add buttons or snaps. If you crochet tight you could even go up to a hdc or even dc, depending on yarn and hook. I'm thinking cotton yarn, that's used a lot for steering wheel covers. Stays cool I believe. Tissue Box Cover that gives you an idea Tissue Box Covers these are done in cotton ETA: I was thinking of other covers. This Button up Book Cover is the idea I had to use a button to keep it in place... putting the strap under it. Or I suppose you could just leave one end free, where it comes up and has the hook, so it covers it completely. Then you do one piece for the top and sides, one piece for the front of it...
  23. Debbi-a1

    Beaded bracelet

    I liked the red. Because I'm partial to blue I LOVE the blue one. You did a great job on these.
  24. I love the bag In a recent Woman's World they were showing how to decorate in yellow and blue because blue calms you and yellow is bright and happy. Or something like that. So it's nice to see this in a crohet bag, I love crochet bags. Thanks for sharing.
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