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  1. I need 1-2 skeins of Caron SS White 9701 with dye lot #8613. I bought this yarn probably back in 2009/2010. I started a baby afghan that now I can't finish b/c I ran out of yarn, please anyone have any in this dye lot??
  2. No luck on Ravelry so far. Anyone in here have even 1 skein of this dye lot?
  3. Looking for at least 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft 6 oz in White 9701, dye lot 8613. Please if anyone has at least 1 skein, I need it to finish a project. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, that does look like it but with the hood attached upside down. I bet I can make it the other way based on the directions. Its the only pattern I've seen thats close to it anyway, thanks!
  5. I've made that one before, the hood isn't the same.
  6. Yeah, usually the hood is made from attaching it to the bassinet and working your way up, looks like this one was made from the top down and then attached to the bassinet. Ugh, wish I could find that pattern or video!
  7. Ugh, well she e-mailed back. Hi Lindsey, I think I did find out how to make the cradle purse on the internet - it has been so long I can't really remember. I am not much of a pattern person, it may have even been a video. I really struggle to make something for the first time and usually don't make it the way they show it , but after that I use the piece as a sample and can easily duplicate it. I can usually look at something and figure out a way to make it and make it in a way that looks good to me. I really should try to learn more about patterns. If I had a pattern or knew of a video to send you I would. I'm so sorry I could not be of more help. I'm glad you like the way the hood looks on mine -Thanks ! I hope you can find some help soon ! Best Regards !
  8. Yes, yesterday and she hasn't answered yet. My guess is she created it herself. I know how to make the purses, I just want to know how to make the hood like that.
  9. Thanks, not quite the same as far as the hood goes.
  10. I love the way the hood of this purse is made, has anyone seen the pattern for free or for sale?? http://www.etsy.com/listing/104367369/crocheted-cradle-purse-with-doll-or?ref=sr_gallery_11&ga_search_query=cradle+purse&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all
  11. I really like it, great job! What pattern did you use?
  12. Not an applique but rather a square: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80462334/pif-free-sunbonnet-sue-crochet-chart http://www.amazon.com/Sunbonnet-Sue-Overall-Sam-Too/dp/B0038OJG5A/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt/177-0640438-9646916 http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Sunbonnet-Sue-Overall-Sam-Crochet-Patterns-Dolls-Key-Chain-Potholders-Afghans/43732541
  13. Both are beautiful and she is blessed to receive them!
  14. I'm sorry, I also tried to search for the pattern your wanting and didn't find anything even close to it.
  15. Here's some web sites: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/preemies.html http://www.thepreemieproject.com/volunteer/patterns/P2/ http://www.bonniebabies.co.uk/crochet.htm http://danettesangels.tripod.com/pcrochetp.html
  16. I received my bag and its is gorgeous, the lining is perfect, you did a great job, thank you so much!!
  17. Can you post a picture of what your talking about?
  18. Wow, this is only the 2nd time I have ever won anything on here, thank you so much!
  19. Try here: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=134505&highlight=keyhole+scarf
  20. I don't think that one was it, what about this one? http://blog.naturallycaron.com/2011/06/14/new-sheepish-pattern-baby-granny-hat/
  21. Is this it? insprink.blogspot.com/.../glee-inspired-quinn-fabray-crochet-hat.htm I can't open the link b/c I'm at work, all I did was went to Goole and searched for "crochet hat on Glee" and it came up with the link above. Also try "Glee Inspired Quinn Fabray Crochet Hat"
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