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  1. You will need a blocking board to wet/damp block your pieces, it you want textured stitches and patterns to stand out. Depending on what the item is or what it is being use for, you can also "kill" (not my term) stitches by lightly applying heat to block, this can affect the drape of the fabric if that is what you are looking for, the light heat slightly melts the acrylic. Be aware though, if you "kill" the acrylic stitches with heat you must be very careful, and realize that you can never go back if you make a mistake. Kiilling the stitches with heat is permanent. I would go to the library or book store and look at knitting and crochet books (either is fine, you block the same way with both) and look at the step by step instructions with photos.
  2. Demet, I can't believe you make things up! You are very creative!
  3. purlwise

    Easter Hat

    Look yummy! Like a coconut cake with pink frosting!
  4. Thanks for the update! The 9 skeines of Lacette I got were even in the same dye lot!
  5. purlwise

    Easy Tank

    Wow! You made that up? (sorry it bears repeating!) that is adorable! Please let me know if you post the pattern, I would love to make that! Oh, and your knitting is perfect!
  6. I saw a few of you had made the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn (fabulous site!), so I thought I would give it a try. It turned out great, although the yarn I used gives it a more muted effect; Here's the link to the pattern: http://www.helloyarn.com/irishhikingscarfpf.htm I also tried the felted Skulll Tote Bag form the Hello Yarn site, the Hello Yarn lady is soo talented! And so gracious to offer these patterns for free! And here is the link to the tote pattern: http://www.helloyarn.com/bigskulltote.htm Thanks Hello Yarn!
  7. I have never been to Big Lots before, but I saw someone here with a post on a great deal on some yarn, so I googled a store near me, and google mapped my way over there. They had six big boxes of Lion Brand and Paton yarn for a buck each! I about lost it, but looked through, and repressed the urge to buy everytlhing. I spent $24 and got twenty-four skeins! Paton's Chi Chi, Paton's Lacette in a yummy plum, and Bernat Lu-Lu in Lime. I know the Lacette in particular is usually about 5.99 to 5.99 a skein and I got 9! Here's a little picture of my stash. I was arranging my yarn for the portrait when my hubby came home and found me. CAUGHT in the act! Oh well!
  8. Oh Definitely! I made flap hats for my Dad, nephews and niece for Christmas and they loved them!
  9. I love the beaded necklaces! I have tried over and over to do this, from a book, but I just can't seem to get it! I wish you could teach a class! I need someone to show me!
  10. Very nice, I have that pattern in one of my books, oops, I think I gave the book away! I always meant to make it, now I'll have to buy it again!
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