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  1. awnm

    LSU Afghan for Daughter

    That's amazing! You have way more patience than I do!
  2. Thanks much! The crocheting bug is biting again, so I will hopefully be around more. I just need more hours in the day!
  3. I haven't been around these parts much, but I finally finished a UFO. Just in time too. I made this for a friend's first granddaughter.
  4. I'm in! I had the thought last year to make enough snowflakes to put in my Christmas cards. Unfortunately, the only flake around here was me! This might get me headed in the right direction for Christmas 2008. Anna
  5. My motivation to crochet ebbs and flows with the seasons and the weather. I usually don't even pick up a hook between about May and August unless we're doing a road trip and I need a distraction. This time of year I tend to get a lot done unless I'm busy. I took several vacation days around the holidays, but hardly got in any crochet time because we had a house full of people. I usually get my motivation back when I have a specific project to do. I just received some cool yarn from Knitpicks to start a baby blanket for a co-worker. Just go with the flow. Crochet will always be ready for you when you're ready for it. Anna
  6. I finally finished another baby blanket for this Challenge. You can see it on my Ravelry page. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/awnm/crochetville-football-challange-blanket-2 Anna
  7. I'm way behind because I'm working on a Seraphina shawl for a Christmas gift. I put in a little work on the football project last night, but I need to get crackin'! Anna
  8. I'm currently working on a Seraphina shawl in dark purple Homespun as a Christmas present for my aunt; A baby blanket for the Football Challenge CAL; A reader's wrap in purple wool; A Tiramisu baby blanket that I keep at work; and A pair of black wool fingerless gloves to match my black long wool coat. Wow, I didn't realize the UFOs were multiplying! I have a few things on deck like a hooded scarf to go with the above-mentioned coat, a flannelghan blanket for me and some socks that I've had the yarn in my stash for a while now. I guess I better get busy! Anna
  9. Best place to check probably is the ads in the ABQ Journal or maybe Craigslist. I'm not sure what the rental market is here these days. Probably all depends on what part of town you want to live in. Good luck! Anna:hook
  10. I'm almost caught up! If I can put in a little quality time during the games/Nascar race tomorrow I should be ready for the next round. Of course, tomorrow is also laundry day and we're supposed to go shopping for a new dining table. Maybe I won't get caught up. Anna:hook
  11. Yeah Steelers! They had 14 passing first downs so need to make 5 squares (or in my case, 15 rows). I'm still behind from last week, but when I finish these two weeks worth of rows, I should have another blanket done, or at least be pretty close. I haven't spent to much time crocheting lately as I've started contemplating a return to school next fall to get my MBA. So instead of hook in hand, it's nose in GMAT study guide. The funny thing is that isn't the course work that intimidates me, its taking the GMAT and writing the Statement of Purpose for the application that holds me up every time. I've never been real comfortable doing the "tell us why you're wonderful" stuff like resumes, interviews and these types of statements. Bah. I go though this process every couple of years or so, only to chicken out. One of these days, I'll jump in with both feet. Maybe this time! Anna:hook Now, if only my Rockies would win tonight!
  12. I hear ya there. I live in NM and have the same problem. We usually see the Cowboys and the Broncos and a few others in between. The year after they won the Super Bowl was better because they were the "game of the week" more often. This year... We'll take what we can get! Anna:hook Go Steelers!
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