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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in Southwest Ohio (west of Cincinnati). There are a few guilds and meetings around here, one that is also convenient to Southeast Indiana. Send me a message if you want more details or Google: Greater Dayton Crochet Guild SouthWest Ohio Crochet Guild PM me for the Crochet and Chat in Cleves, OH. I'm always looking for more crochet friends!
  2. I'm in Southwest Ohio. North of Cincinnati in Loveland, is the Southwestohiocrochetguild.net There is a Greater Dayton Crochet Guild. (Google it!) also, close to the KY/IN/OH border, I run a "Crochet and Chat" at the Miami Township (Cleves) library (it's part of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County library system). I'm always looking for crochet friends. Send me a private message if you would like more information.
  3. We saw Jeff Dunham last September in Northern Kentucky. He was great! Unfortunately I had a bad cold and couldn't really laugh real well. LOL. BTW, I don't immediately recognize the stitch pattern on that cute bag.
  4. Several years ago, I was pregnant while on jury duty and I got 2 baby blankets made!
  5. I crochet ALL those times, every spare minute of the day. At soccer games, while waiting for kids... if I'm not crocheting, I'm doing a crochet-related activity, checking email, sketching, doing math, etc.
  6. Hi All, when I design for Interweave, I have a yarn and color in mind, I send in a swatch/sketch, but then 99% of the time the editor either changes the yarn or the color or both and sends me the yarn to make the item. They do this so that all the colors for the whole issue go well together. Also, they want a variety of yarn weights (except, you are right, there was no thread in this issue). The editor also needs to keep the advertisers happily advertising by trying to fairly represent their yarns in the issue. I'm ok with this because it makes the magazine possible. My designs in this issue are the Amazing Grace Wrap and the Still Waters Shrug (which an error was found, I'm contacting Interweave today to get the errata up.)
  7. When are you coming to Ohio? I'll be in line waiting to get my book signed! It's a great book. Ellen
  8. What a great job you did! I like the colors you chose! Lisa Naskrent's designs are very innovative don't you think? Very elegant!
  9. I own the book, I think it's terrific. There are several items in there I would be proud to wear.
  10. Crochet Today's awesome stitch diagrams set it apart from other magazines. I have also found the "how-to" diagrams in the back to be more useful in teaching beginning crochet than what I have found in other magazines.
  11. I also made one for my 7yo daughter, but added a ruffly brim to it. See it in my Ravelry projects at 'GoCrochet'.
  12. There are several great patterns in this issue! I can see myself wearing Robyn Chachula's Ridge jacket
  13. Hi MBT, who's up for this week? I'm to lazy to follow your link at the moment. Also, are you taking requests? I'd love to hear someone talk about how yarn companies find their yarns. Do they go to Italy and visit factories? Do they go to Peru and choose an alpaca farm?
  14. I would love to find the time to make the MidSummer Night's Camisole. Just Gorgeous. Many of you will also recognize the adorable orange baby dress is from Lisa Naskrent from CrochetGarden.com.
  15. Hey, I just found Getting Loopy! With Mary Beth Temple on Blog Talk Radio. It airs on Monday nights 9pm Eastern, but you can listen on archives to old episodes! Here's the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Mary-Beth-Temple she had on the Ravelry people, Dee Stanziano from CrochetingwithDee, Carol Ventura from Tapestry Crochet, and it has been really fun to listen to. I had never listened to the radio on the computer before and I was amazed how easy it was!
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