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  1. Sorry, all my vintage mags are McCalls. I hope you find the pattern!
  2. Oh, I'm a potholder nut. I have one pattern (from 101 easy scrap crochet projects) that I do over and over and over again. Everybody gets potholders around me.
  3. Man, that looks like a cat toy if I ever saw one!!! Mine love tree skirts, and tree skirts with bells?! Heaven!!
  4. I was going through old yarn yesterday and sorting it into tubs. I heard clinking. Inside an old skein of yarn I bought off ebay were three ceramic animal figures. Now, a hidden stash of cash would have been much better, but it was a very interesting and unexpected find.
  5. Man, I have hundreds of skeins. I'm so addicted to yarn, it's pathetic. I just snuck in another tub full tonight. I always try and defend with the ole "it was on clearance for $1.00!!!!!" I still get dirty looks and the "NO MORE YARN!!" comment. Maybe I need an intervention.
  6. What comes before beginner? Seriously, I'm pretty much limited to rectangles. I can do any rectangle in basic stitches (afghan, bedspread, scarf, pillowcase). I can do simple triangles for a shawl. My stitches are pretty much limited to sc, hdc, dc. I managed to make a frog hat for my brother, and a phone pouch for my mom. That's about it. I mostly make baby blankets for friends, scarves for family, and bedspreads for myself. I usually start the bedspreads for someone else, but then after all that work and expense, am too selfish to give it away. Me greedy, yup. I tried croch
  7. Just read this thread after searching for yarn organizer. That is just so funny about the cat pee. Luckily, mine have never done that on yarn. I did have an elderly cat pee and *ahem* other things all over the laundry in the laundry room. Luckily, not a very long trip to the washing machine, as it was right there. I feel for anyone that has put their hands into "wet" yarn!! Almost as bad as having to constantly scoop and toss partially digested critters (the cats hunt).
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