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Crochet Valentine to Write On???


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I wanted something fun and simple that I could crochet and write on for Valentines Day and use in the Be My Valentine CAL, and inspiration hit me! This idea came from a pattern yarncat and a few others have for the Christmas Card Ornaments. Maby your Mom or Granndma made them. So here it is, I did try so please bear with me, if you find any mistakes, please pm me so I can fix them. Enjoy!




I'm tickled pink!! I finally get to post a pattern that I made!! Praise the Lord Jesus!!


# 10 thread

# 7 steel hook

cardstock (print out template, then trace it to the color card stock you want your heart to be)

1/8" hole punch or smaller



(template, sorry it isn't black and white)


After punching all holes from the template, begin at the bottom point, turn it away from you so that the top of the heart faces your body.


R1 attach thread in the bottom point of the heart, sc, ch5, sc, all in this same space (you will have a loop over the bottom point) {ch5, sc} in the next space 11 times, towards the top of the heart, ch2, sc in the top center of the heart, ch2 and sc in the next space (making 2, ch2 loops) {ch5, sc} 11 times around the other side of the heart, slst in the first sc.


After R1 it should look like this...




R2 slst into the bottom ch5 loop of the point, sc, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, sc, all in the same bottom ch 5 loop, {sc, 6dc, sc in the next loop 11 times}, in the ch2 loop do 2sc, slst into the center sc from R1, 2sc in the next ch2 loop, {sc, 6dc, sc in the next loop 11 times}, slst to the first sc.


Write your special message and enjoy!!!

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What a neat idea! I can see making the heart from those thin foam pieces. My brain just left me and I can't think of what they are called. Letters and other shapes from different colored pieces cold be used to decorate the heart. :think

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Etrnlife - Foamies I think they are called and I bet they have a heart shape already in various sizes. I'm a going to Michaels or JoAnn's on the way home tonight.


Great job - the pattern instructions are wonderful. Thanks for sharing Sarah.

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