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  1. I've been working on this for a couple of days and I'm going to finish my slippers tonight! Thanks for such a great, easy-to-understand pattern Sonny.
  2. phew, my package arrived - I was a little scared it wouldn't get there on time...
  3. everyone's squares look great!! my 2 for the girls' ghans were sent out earlier today - I hope they can still be used... one is solid light purple and the other one is solid pink. you should get them in 3 days but my post office likes to take their time for any mail that's not express...
  4. left-handed for almost everything (how in the world do people write with their right hand?? ) but crocheting with my right hand felt more natural for me whil I was learning so I crochet right-handed.
  5. ankey

    WIP Wednesday

    WIPs - Newbie crochet-along: 15 squares done star dishcloth (testing for Christina): almost finished! 2 baby afghans for project linus: just started both of them ripple afghan for my kid sister: just bought simply soft brites yarn to start working on it
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