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  1. ankey

    Wine Bottle Gift Bag - free pattern!

    yep, I found it a couple of months ago while searching on google for a wine bottle cover. I've made several of these for bottles of wine I bring to parties and everyone loves them. Thanks for the great pattern Crochet Dude!
  2. how did I miss this thread earlier?? Congrats, I am so excited for you!!! I will hope for you that McDreamy does touch them...
  3. ankey

    Doggie Christmas!

    aww, that is too adorable! I didn't know they had swaps on dogster... how do you find out about them? (and do you mind if I add your babies as friends on dogster of my furbaby?)
  4. ankey

    My Seraphina Shawl

    the shawl is so pretty amy! I've started this shawl many times before but never completed it because I've always been so frustrated about the pattern.
  5. that seems like so much fun! I agree we should try to do a crochet equivalent of that here on crochetville but I don't know what item we could do, I don't think we could do socks...
  6. ankey

    Good News about Cathedral Rose Pattern!

    just ordered mine! I don't know if I'll ever get around to actually crocheting it, but it's such a pretty pattern...
  7. ankey

    Lighted crochet hook

    The one thing I don't like about the lighted hooks is that you kind of have to look straight at the LED (the light source) inside the hook which is really bad so I rarely use mine. Looking straight at an LED for extended periods of time will do a lot of damage to your eyes after a while due to short wavelength radiation (same reason you shouldn't look straight at laser pointers).
  8. ankey

    2 for 1 - Warm Up America and Crochetville!

    dang it, I just used up most of my SS yarn on christmas gifts. Then again, they never said the sections have to be a single solid color... I'll try to make some by piecing together all my scraps.
  9. Bought my copy from my LYS on Sunday!
  10. ankey

    Day After Thanksgiving Sale On Yarn

    On the ad it just said "Patons Fancy Yarn" and "huge assortment" The sale is 88 cents a skein. The picture of the ad was pretty blurry so I couldn't make out what type of yarn they showed in the ad but it looked like fun fur and it said regular price of up to $2. Oh yeah, another important thing is that the ad said the sale was only good for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, not the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  11. Hi Brett, I'm another young one here at crochetville (I'm 20, turning 21 next week). I'm from Texas and it's amazing how much knitting and crocheting has caught on with people our age here. Anyways, welcome and I hope you like it here!
  12. ankey

    Bobbles_ celebrity's inspired bag

    That bag looks fabulous (and I don't even really like the look of bobbles)! Thanks for the pattern as well... I think I may make this for my sister's christmas present as she's been raving about this bag since I showed her the picture of the original.
  13. ankey

    Mike's Secret-Afghan for a 9 yo Boy

    the granny square pocket is a fantastic idea and I love the afghan! you'll have to let us know his reaction when he receives it...
  14. ankey

    Texas anyone?

    Renee, you live at Parmer/McNeil?? That is where my parents (and me in the summer) live! Our house is in the Milwood neighborhood. I guess we're neighbors too...