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  1. I love ordering from knitting warehouse. Their flat-rate shipping is very affordable and super fast - by the time I can actually track the package, it's already in my city.
  2. yep, I found it a couple of months ago while searching on google for a wine bottle cover. I've made several of these for bottles of wine I bring to parties and everyone loves them. Thanks for the great pattern Crochet Dude!
  3. I've made 3 so far with all my SS scraps and just picked up two skeins on SS brites to make some more.
  4. how did I miss this thread earlier?? Congrats, I am so excited for you!!! I will hope for you that McDreamy does touch them...
  5. aww, that is too adorable! I didn't know they had swaps on dogster... how do you find out about them? (and do you mind if I add your babies as friends on dogster of my furbaby?)
  6. the shawl is so pretty amy! I've started this shawl many times before but never completed it because I've always been so frustrated about the pattern.
  7. that seems like so much fun! I agree we should try to do a crochet equivalent of that here on crochetville but I don't know what item we could do, I don't think we could do socks...
  8. just ordered mine! I don't know if I'll ever get around to actually crocheting it, but it's such a pretty pattern...
  9. The one thing I don't like about the lighted hooks is that you kind of have to look straight at the LED (the light source) inside the hook which is really bad so I rarely use mine. Looking straight at an LED for extended periods of time will do a lot of damage to your eyes after a while due to short wavelength radiation (same reason you shouldn't look straight at laser pointers).
  10. I'm in... I only have a few scraps of SS in my stash leftover from other projects but I can make multicolored sections with them. I could always just go buy more SS yarn too. Anyone know of any good sales on SS going on right now?
  11. dang it, I just used up most of my SS yarn on christmas gifts. Then again, they never said the sections have to be a single solid color... I'll try to make some by piecing together all my scraps.
  12. Thank you to Amy aka Craftyladynow for the pretty winter scene (?) card and the Winnie the Pooh stickers! I shared the stickers with my little cousins who are temporarily staying with my parents and they loved them...
  13. Yes I received it yesterday! I was out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and just got back yesterday. The card was so cute - thanks a lot for it! Sending my food card out tomorrow morning...
  14. Thanks Tammy for the great e-card! It just made my day when I opened it yesterday morning. Also thanks to Tabitha (QueenOfCrochet) for your thank you card - it was really cute and I will definitely have a yummy Turkey Day. :-) Thanks to Donna as well for the face card! Sorry for not thanking you earlier, I got your card on my birthday and got caught up in my birthday festivities...
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