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    mother of 2
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    wichita falls, tx
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    salt and pepper shaker collecting and of course crocheting
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    911 cal taker
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    since 1971
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    i love to make small items baby toys little stuffed sofites and such
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  1. beth eathorne

    A Garden of AggieMay's RR

    I love this pattern. I was in the hospital for 100+ days and thought I would never be able to crochet again. But I have made 3 of these since. I am ready to go again.
  2. beth eathorne

    Jumpin' Frog Bag

    this is such a cute bag for kids.
  3. beth eathorne

    Hi :)

    glad you are with us, i know you will find all the help you need here. just ask for it. beth
  4. beth eathorne

    looking for man of steel

    A while back someone posted a picture of a doll made from this pattern http://farm1.static.flickr.com/127/355134828_d3b7fc917b_m.jpg he looked like the "man of steel" and was very cute. i have a dear friend at work who is leaving and i want to finish this up for her but need the picture to refer to.. please help.
  5. beth eathorne

    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    this is one of my all time fav movies. dh bought it for me and i love it!!!!
  6. beth eathorne

    Hello from Texas

    Howdy from your neighbor in Wichita Falls...hope you love being here as much as the rest of us. great place for fun and lots to learn.
  7. beth eathorne

    Hi from west Texas

    hello from your neighbor in Wichita Falls!!!
  8. beth eathorne

    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

    i just saw the post again and i am going to have to re-watch this...i just love the story
  9. beth eathorne

    Non-Itchy Yarn

    red heart can be washed and rinsed in good ole' Suave conditioner and it will come out soft. didnt know about this until someone here made a post and it does work. others here have also suggested using a softener sheet in the dyer and someone else posted about using vinegar in the rinse or baking soda if you have allergies to scents.
  10. beth eathorne

    SO sorry for the holdup!

    ds and i both had the flu and it was just nasty...i hope you rest and get better.
  11. beth eathorne


    a Texas size Howdy!!! glad you found us and hope you find crocheting as relaxing as the rest of us. may you continue to heal and grow with us here.
  12. beth eathorne

    This is sad (a little long)

    this is a common thing. i love to give my items as gifts and sometimes if someone wants me to make them something i will tell to buy the yarn ( i dont make items for very many people because they just wont pay me enough). crocheting is my stress relief and i do not want to make it a chore which is what it would be if i were trying to make money doing it. so you go girl, just keep smiling at her!!!!
  13. beth eathorne

    Pumpkin Scrubbies

    that is one of my very fav patterns. i make them when i just need to de-stress....
  14. beth eathorne

    I was impressed the other day

    i think that the stress of todays life has made alot of people look and take a step back to things that are more creative like crocheting and knitting. maybe this generation of people isnt going to be so self-centered
  15. beth eathorne

    Why must I work, when all I want to do is Crochet?!?!?

    would that be the life?? every week i think to myself i am going to win today...but i never buy a ticket and there goes my chance. easy come easy go...maybe next time.