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    mother of 2
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    wichita falls, tx
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    salt and pepper shaker collecting and of course crocheting
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    911 cal taker
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    i love to make small items baby toys little stuffed sofites and such
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    since 1971

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  1. there is a glue that is called (?) 6000 that i know is very good with plastic...and i think would help you.
  2. do a graph then you can do single or half doubles and it will turn into the picture http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ here is a site that will help you make a graph
  3. these would be great with a dishcloth and hotpad, as a gift set.
  4. i was for awhile. no one got a crocheted gift this year. i had gotten the yarn to make my mom a round ripple so i started it a few days ago and guess what i am in love again and going strong. dont worry you will get past this and your hook will be there when you need it.
  5. isnt there a round ripple that is five pointed that you could use? just figure out how many rows you would need of which color. and go from there
  6. i like the ones made from cotton...they do double duty around my house..scrub dishes , make great face scrubbers, and also the dog likes to play fetch with hers. she only weights 5 lbs so they make great dog frizbies
  7. i love these..cant wait to what outfit dora gets next...Maybe a lions costume for halloween
  8. i love dora,, i dont have a little girl but am looking for someone who would play with her just to make your clothes. now i think dora needs some one piece footy pjs with bunnys ears on the toes or maybe just pj top and bottom and bunny slippers.
  9. i love this but my house is also filled with soccer balls,match box cars and legos of long ago... maybe a granddaughter someday>>>>
  10. the item on ebay does not look like it sold . contact the seller and see if they still have it and will sell it to you on buy it now feature? worth a shot
  11. oh boy i know this feeling my husband has a dog that loves my yarn. I work at night and he just waits until i leave for work and away he goes. Once i came home ahd he had gotten into a bag of new yarn and it was all over the living room. and of course you know i had to sit and untangle every bit of it. i couldnt throw an new skein of yarn away. and yes he also went in my work bag where i keep all my hooks and boy was i glad to find Natures Miracle. By the way the dog is on probation one more time i find him in the yarn andhe is gone!!!!
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