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    mom with kids. Love to crochet and knit and become a part in projects.
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    about 19 years
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    anything quick
  1. daisycrochet

    Itty Bitty Hamster Pattern

    lol...I never knew there was a pattern for those, lol. Sooooo cute!! Thank you for sharing the pattern!!
  2. daisycrochet

    Felted Hook Case

    Wow what a great idea. I'll have to make one for myself. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  3. daisycrochet

    I got them done! Two Angel Song dresses

    Those are VERY VERY PRETTY!!!
  4. daisycrochet

    i can't decide what this thing is lol

    It does look kinda formiliar. lol. Like that purple character from "Fosters Home for Imaginary Freinds" or a sour gummy bear, lol. (that's a good one), sour patch kid even. Good luck on your discovery.
  5. daisycrochet

    Anyone Neglect Housework?

    That's a routine on mine I think, lol. Once I start crocheting all else is more or less forgotten, then I end up kicking myself in the butt for not taking care of things. lol.
  6. daisycrochet

    How often are you all on here?

    Various times here. But I try my best to keep up.
  7. daisycrochet

    My tiny bear

    Awwww their adorable. You did really great work!
  8. daisycrochet

    HGTV - diy Craft Shows

    I noticed they got rid of carol duval shows too. Now morning tv is alittle boring, til I find something new. Hope they bring those shows back though.
  9. daisycrochet

    Greetings from space!

    Greetings from Pa!
  10. daisycrochet

    my entirely out of control stash...

    Ummmmm I'll take alittle bit of everything you have, lol. Good lord you have alot. I do too, but it's kinda scattered thru out the house, looks better that way, lol. I did do alot of buying of cotton yarn. I turned most of it into face scrubbie, dish cloths and tea towels. I still have some left, but a butt load of dish cloths, lol.
  11. daisycrochet

    Chill Pills!

    You know what? I really like those. I know of a few people and family members who would get a big kick out of them. Their really cute. The would go great with some kind of poem, but I'm no poet, lol. I'll be making some of those for myself too.
  12. daisycrochet

    Thread scarves

    They're beautiful. I love the purple one.
  13. daisycrochet

    hey ya'll

    to Crochetville:yay
  14. daisycrochet

    Lavender baby layette

    Very pretty!
  15. daisycrochet

    Completed HMCQUIGG's bunny hat

    Very cute hat. Lil girl looks really mad, lol.