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    I have been crocheting since I was a child
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    crocheting, reading, surfing the net and doing crosswords and Sudokus
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    afghans,pillows, bags,toys
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    since I was 7 that would be in 1965!
  1. I would slowly work up to a full sized bath towel......you know make some face cloths, hand towels maybe some towels for the kitchen and see how they do with the weight and drying issues......The pattern that Zoezoesmom found is really nice (I saved it too!). But as you can see the larger towel is made up of rows of dcs.....makes it drape better and I imagine it would dry out faster......more surface area exposed to air with the dcs. you might want to try a row of scs followed by a row of dcs......really looks nice and could work out better for you. because you are the first one I have seen w
  2. two girls that I grew up with (at different times)......first time I was about 8 (chain stitches!) then another girl taught me to do scs when I was about 10. After that I taught myself the rest of the stitches.
  3. I have not been here at Crochetville as much as I would have liked for the last few weeks, I have been very busy. So....I managed to miss this cutie when you posted it! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us, it is adorable. And thanks to Rachel for posting it in the "What's New" section of CPC so that I was able to find it!
  4. "3 bags full!" One for yarn, one for threads and one of plastic bags to make plarn.
  5. So cute, and the color IS beautiful! You are really talented at designing these doll outfits Darski:yes ! Thanks for another wonderful one!
  6. Beautiful:manyheart.....these outfits are EXCELLENT.... I think you should change your tag line from "When in doubt....make a hat" to "when in doubt.... crochet Dora an outf it !!!" LOL:rofl! By my count I think there are already 16 outfits for her!!!!:woo:jumpyayI need to get this doll!
  7. Super! I don/t know where you keep coming up with ideas, but they are wonderful!
  8. very cute crown! Any little girl would love playing with it!
  9. Super cute!!! Darski I remember that when I was younger I liked to dress my dolls up as brides....didn't matter that there weren't any grooms!!!!!
  10. Another great outfit! I am a bit chilly at the moment, How about a winter coat with boots, hand muff or what have you.....Also thinking of a really frilly party dress! Maybe a long skirt or gown....Tennis outfit? Some sort of retro "groovy" outfit, jeans, floppy hat, beaded bag......cooking outfit, complete with chef's hat and apron?
  11. And still ANOTHER great outfit for Dora! You are just having way too much fun designing these; aren't you?
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