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    I'm married and love to crochet. I am the leader of a local group here in LB Stitch n' Chicks. My mom taught me to crochet when I was around 9 yrs old and I have been crocheting ever since. :)
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    Long Beach, So. CA
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    headbands,jewelry, tote bags
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    35 yrs +
  1. I am in a local stitch group in Long Beach, we welcome all to join us. We meet the 1st & 3rd Thursdays each month. 6pm contact Debb calcrochetnut@msn.com
  2. :cheerI am giving away a pair of Pretty Purple Dangle Earrings on my blog... just post a comment you could be the next winner! If you love to crochet then come and join in.... http://crochetoholic.blogspot.com Crochetoholic
  3. LOL..we have been around for 6+ years, sorry we missed your membership when you lived near us..
  4. :clapHello, Stitch n' Chicks is a Long beach, California crochet group. We currently meet 2x a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm at The Hof's Hut Marina on PCH & 2nd St. on the patio. Come by as our guest and meet our group! We welcome new people! We are a very friendly bunch of gals, who love to laugh, munch, chat, share crocheting patterns & advice, help each other and make new friends. We have crocheters and knitters on all levels from beginners to experts! We welcome all levels of experience. Join us and have fun and make new friends who love the yarn craft! We welcome you just contact Debb @ stitchnchicks@msn.com see us at http://www.stitchnchicks.weebly.com
  5. Do you live in LONG BEACH CA? If you do and want to join a fun crochet/stitchin group, then click on the link below and be sure to mention "Crochetville" in your request to us . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stitchnchicks/?yguid=238078156
  6. I am looking for any Alice in Wonderland patterns, Chelshire Cat, Dormouse in Tea Pot, Alice, the mushroom, anything, I am ,aking for my g-daughter's "B" day and also for a swap I am in..thanks for any help.. I have looked on Ebay and most there are knit and very costly..
  7. tell me I just got the program and was wondering, how do you get the teacing part in? And also the part of the swatches in a loose leaf, do you tape them on pages? Might be silly questions but I am a bit lost starting out. thanks D
  8. Wow..... I have just received the papers to become certified and I am very excited. I am a grade school teacher by profession, part-time, and I always believe in more education, but it is on a personal basis of "desire" rather than a must. If you want to add some more to your resume', or show you have accomplished another avenue or step in crocheting, then go for it. If it is not your thing then don't. But either way teaching requires something more than just experience when trying to get a job. I also believe that becoming a certified teacher will open up doors for you to meet designers and others who teach. Its a networking step. I was at last year's CGOA and sat next to a designer who told me that she was certified and encouraged me to do the same. I am taking her advise. I think that it is my "desire" to get certified, if its not yours that is fine too....
  9. Hi there,Congrats on the new little one. We just got back from a vacation and would love to get together maybe next week. What is your time schedule like?
  10. :clapI am in the Long Beach area and looking for a crochet friend to get together 1x a week during the daytime to chat and crochet? I am in my 50s married and love yarn... email me if interested...
  11. Hi all Upstate NYers...I was born and raised in the Buffalo area, my sis still lives there in Orchard Park, me I left and live in sunny Southern California now.. But I love the countryside in there....
  12. :cheerHi all I see that even when you update here it does not add the date and since the last time I posted was in April 2007, I thought I would post again to see if there are any other people that live nearby that might want to get together to chat, crochet, :knitdiscuss books, :bookor just have tea??? I'm still here looking for a stitching friend in Long Beach area??? I live by the state college, El Dorado Park area?? I am married, 2 grown children, grandma, and have a local group??? Anyone interested???
  13. :cheerPen Pal Fun If you like to penpal and want to meet a great group of ladies, then join up at Yahoo Groups with ; PBD Pen Pal Place There's fun and friendly ladies who love to pen pal and make new friends by email or snail mail. So come on and join the group and make new Pen Pals!! Blog: http://dabookladysreadinglife.blogspot.com http://dabookrecipe.blogspot.com/
  14. Book and Bookmark Swap:manyheart If you love to read as I do, then here is a great swap for you to join! 2008 Swap Themes There are lots of Contests Too! You can see the swap at: http://dabookswap.blogspot.com/Each'>http://dabookswap.blogspot.com/Each swap involves sending 1 book and 1 hand-made or bought bookmark to your partner. Each swap will have a different theme. All participants will follow the themes and the rules as stated on the blog. Any swapper can join in at any time. The swapping will begin the 12th of every month, so if you are interested be sure to email me so I can add you to our list for the next swap. This will be lots of fun! Check out the swap site, email me or join the group at: http://dabookswap.blogspot.com/ email: Readernutcase@msn.com My Blogs: http://pbdesigns.blogspot.com/http://dabookladysreadinglife.blogspot.com
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