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    I'm a mom of two, love to crochet and read.
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    tie dye, crochet, felting, knitting, spinning
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    I like everything
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  1. Superwash wool will dye just fine with kool-aid. Actually superwash wool with acid dyes, which basically what kool-aid is, takes up dye really well. At least this is what I see and have heard in other dye forums. I haven't dye superwash yarns myself.
  2. Beautiful! I love the colors. Goes and looks for yarn now...
  3. You could get a Schacht Hi-lo which can do both. I was a bottom whorl girl at first but lately I've been really liking my top whorls. In a top whorl I personally get better spin if there is a bit of a the shaft over the whorl. If the hook is right on top of the whorl it doesn't work for me as well.
  4. Well they are new to me. With all the talk about Michael's new yarns has anyone seen the new wool/acrylic and wool yarns at hobby lobby? There's I love this wool , worsted, 219 yards skeins for $5.99 I think. The ombres are only 183 yards though. Yarn Bee Snowflake is DK weight 243 yards in lots of fun colors for $4.99, 56% Wool, 22% Polyester, 22% PTT. YB Rainbow Wool 204 yards, 5.99, 86.4% Wool, 5% Mohair, 8.6% Acrylic, YB Melody Bulky Wool Blend 70/30 wool/acrylic , 123 yards, $5.99 Bamboo Spun - didn't note info Lots of Sock yarns: Patons, Red Heart, and a what I think is a house brand as well. There's probably more I'm forgetting. Most of the novelty was all on sale.
  5. sammimag

    Yarn for dying?

    You don't have to dye "white" wool. You can dye light grays and oatmeal colors. It can actually tone down the colors and make them more muted
  6. Knitting hats in the round totally avoids seaming. I try to knit everything without seams if possible. There are good links in this thread how to do it too.
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