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  1. so beautiful, great job! I am in love with both of them...
  2. I was so happy to test this doll for FireSpirit. I love her, she was fun to make Thank you for letting me test her.
  3. so adorable, thank you for the pattern
  4. Thank you, I tested this pattern for FireSpirit(CopperSlay on Etsy) she has the pattern up for sale on her shop;)
  5. Thank you, :hugI really like the texture of the 'special' scDec too. This little boots are super cool, love the bluebell flowers too
  6. Thank you FireSpirit for letting me test it, I love this baby set, is adorable:manyheart I really like the texture of the boots too. What do you guys think?
  7. I love the colors, very cute! great job:)
  8. Thank you everyone, I am so happy to have made this beautiful set, the flutterbye doll is perfect for Valentine's day too.
  9. I was lucky to have tested this beautiful collection, Thank you FireSpirit for letting me test it. It was so much fun to make, and the pattern was easy and so fast. So here it is: my Flutterbye doll, handbag, and cellphone case.
  10. so lovely, great job and great idea, I would love to have this pattern...LoL
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