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~*~Update~*~ Project is DONE - THANK YOU! Comfort-ghan Needed for My 2nd Mom...


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I just found out that a very dear and close friend of the family has breast cancer. I would like to make a comfortghan for her using 8" squares.


She is having surgery on Friday - they say it's stage one and that there is a 98% success rate with the procedure they are using, but she is taking it very hard.


Her colors in her house are all nuetral - so I would like to stick to a natural theme. I think that any type of "fall" colors would work well with her.


ETA: Any type of yarn will be ok, I will make it work. But please no wool, she is allergic to wool


Could I count on my Crochetville Friends to help me with putting something together for her? This is my very first attempt at making a afghan of squares but I know that the people around here will be able to help me put something together that will be most comforting.


Please PM me for my address.


ETA: OCTOBER 9, 2006 - So far I have received squares from the following people. I want to keep a record in this post so that I know I am up to date with saying my "thank yous"


Updated: October 18, 2006


24 Squares



7 Squares



4 Squares

Wanda - lhasaapsolady

Bonnie - angelfire

Linda - pineknott



3 Squares




2 Squares

Coralie - Senace and Scooch

Sherri - sc51055



1 Square

Janet - auntbubbles

Vickie - MamaHooks


61 Squares so far!!!




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please count me in! I will send a few when i finish a counted cross stitch (my goal is firday!) for my daughter. I started it when she was in 3rd grade it is a poem she wrote and she is now 25. I want to finish it and give as a wedding pres.!

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Thank you all for helping me with this endeavor. I have had a few who haven't posted here PM me so I am getting a good response! I still need more tho...since it's an 8" square afghan I need more than if it was a 12" square afghan.


Thank you SO MUCH!

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Hi KnicKnac!


I got two mailed off to you today! :D I asked the lady in the post office how long the package would take to get to you and she very helpfully said, "I just don't know!" How's that for service?!:blink:oops Hopefully it won't take that long! :lol

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Let me know if you still need a square. I started one in brown but didn't want to commit to you because I wasn't sure if I would get it done in time. Well I can, so send me you address I will send the square to you if still needed - :hug

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KnicKnac, my squares will be in the mail tomorrow for sure! I just can't get to the post office today, but at least with the extra time, I can make another square for you.


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