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    I've been knitting on and off over the years, but started crocheting only in 2005.
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    Yonkers, NY
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    grad student
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    baby afghans
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    Since December 2005
  1. I have a small leftover skein (maybe 1/2 or a bit less) of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in color 12 that I will be happy to send to you if you want to do a small swatch and compare to make sure that you are getting the substitution you like. Please PM me if you are interested (I'll pay for the shipping). I love this yarn, but you are right, it's spendy!
  2. Julee, I didn't mean to discourage you from trying to sell on Etsy! I only posted the link to earflap hats on Etsy so you could see what looks attractive and what doesn't. I think your pictures are fine; they are in good focus and the angles are good. The only things I might possibly change for online selling are to put them on a real person and use a nice background that highlights your work (perhaps outdoors?). Really, I think you should explore the option of selling online...you have a great product here. But of course, it's totally up to you. I just don't want to scare you away from it or anything. That was totally not my intention and I'm sorry if I came across as such.
  3. Here are about 12 pages of similar Etsy products: http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_query=earflap+beanie&search_type=tag_title&order=&min=&max=&page=1 I am guessing that you are aiming for the mid-end customer base (not really high-end but not the bargain-hunting type, either) since you are using an acrylic yarn, but really care about your craftsmanship and the quality of the finished product. Note that the quality of the photos gives very different impressions. I would recommend taking pictures at an angle, on an attractive model if possible, with a somewhat soft background. You can tell that the hats lying on flat surfaces do not give you a sense of how they look on a person. Also, if the model is looking too far down and you can only see the top of the head, it doesn't really tell you how it looks. Look at what's out there, try it all different ways, and see what looks best. The first impression is very important in trying to sell something like this on the Internet. You want your picture to be the one people will say "Oh, that looks cute" and to click on. This is just a thought, but a little touch like a flower on the side makes it very attractive. Perhaps you can offer to add something like that for a moderate additional fee (say, $5). Good luck!
  4. That's the only stitch I ever use for dishcloths for the same reason as yours, but I've never done it corner to corner. I've knit them corner to corner, though, lol. I think it's a great idea for incorporating different colors...can't wait to try your pattern out. Thank you so much for sharing!
  5. It is so elegant. I love the flourish you added with the picot points. Will you be publishing the pattern? When you post a doily, I can't help looking.
  6. So very cute! You did a great job combining the original pattern with the color choice. The patterns remind me of flowers and vines.
  7. Something like this? Priscilla Hewitt designs some very nice things. You should be able to alter it a bit (just make slits) to put ribbon around the edges. If it doesn't have to be crocheted, I've made this and it came out really cute. I use it all the time. You can make it as girly as you like by the choice of the fabrics.
  8. Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments. And YES, Kathy is teaching this class again...here is your chance to sign up!
  9. That is soooo beautiful. Your sister is very lucky indeed! I agree with others; considering the size and intricacies of the design, I actually think you did it pretty quickly.
  10. Well, you clearly are being very humble about all this, so I'm sure my giving you thumbs up on your sobriety won't go to your head. Actually, I get choked up every time I meet someone who has overcome this problem, so I hope you will forgive me for congratulating you... I love the meditative aspect of crocheting and knitting. They can be very therapeutic for me. Many of us find crocheting keeps us from smoking, eating mindlessly, etc. You will find many like-minded, kind-hearted and friendly people at this forum.
  11. This is from a Crochetville online class in January, but I finally got around to finishing assembling and taking pictures. Many of us know Kathy (Crochetville name Katchkan) for her beautiful thread designs and superb craftsmanship. She is also an excellent teacher; if you have a chance to take one of her classes, you won't regret it. I really enjoyed learning this beaded crochet technique that was totally new to me. Everything was explained clearly, the class material was thorough, and she was very encouraging and patient. Front view: Back view: Inside: A couple of things I learned: * I was so concerned with making this "neat" that I crocheted it too tightly. I ended up with very little give when it came to blocking and assembling, which caused a little lopsidedness in the finished project. I will give it a little more room so that the beads are not packed together so tightly next time. * I will use better quality beads next time. This was the first attempt, so we were trying to learn the technique, much like when you first learn to crochet with an inexpensive yarn just to try it out. But there is a whole world of gorgeous high quality beads out there (with prices to match...), and it will be worth spending just a bit more if/when I do this again. If you are interested in seeing Kathy's example of this project, you can click on this link. Hers looks so professional... It was so much fun, though. Thanks, Kathy!
  12. So cute/classy/stylish. What a great look!
  13. So sorry I missed it! Hope it was as special a day as you are.
  14. Congratulations! It looks fabulous. You must be feeling such a sense of accomplishment. Is it for yourself?
  15. Such beautiful hooks from such humble disposable chopsticks. Amazing. I started on a hook based on Jimbo's tutorials on his blog, like 2 years ago, but never finished it. It should have been easier than yours because it was a lot bigger. You put me to shame. Perhaps I will dig it up and try again.
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