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    I am a single mom of three
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    getting a massage
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    crocheting, plastic canvas , hockey
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    dishclothes, blocks, scrunchies
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  1. I received a wonderful package from AngelRoselite. She sent me a lovely stuffed bunny for my youngest daughter which loves it Also received a beautiful scarf and neck warmer that have a lovely new home . A wonderful felting kit that my kids will be making up shortly. As wonderful book of inspirational thoughts . a wondeful tea pot that is already being used last but not least three skeins of redheart shimmer yarn in hot pink,purple,tourquoise
  2. I am sorry i gave not replied sooner. I want to thank smokeyp81 she sent me a lovely package with a homemade stockings somegreat tea,apattern with yarn and hooks much more.i willput a proper thank you on when life slow down. Sirry again for late reply
  3. I want to thank Bailey4 for a wonderful package that arrived yesterday while I was at the doctor's office. The first picture shows the A beautiful Day Yankee candle( along with a snowman candle topper), a snoman candle, along with two votive candles (Nature's Paintbrush and Mistletoe) to go inside a cute snowman votive candle holder. The second A beautiful seashell box filled with 2 skeins of Bright yeloow and two skeins of Turqua, included was the most wonderful tapemeasure screwdriver combo that has peacock feathers on the cover. She also included 2 postcards, one was Old schoolhouse, and a grist mill. The next one includes a neat plaid tote bag with an inside pocket with Bates crochet hooks sizes f-k. and another Yankee candle in a Pumpkin Spice scent. and I saved the most precious for last. It is an entire family of crocheted caroling snowmen. Thank you again for a great swap and have fun with the next one. here is what happens when my husky decided that my hand looked like a new bone to eat
  4. My kids have infected the house with germs so no I bringing anything in or out that can make my partner sick
  5. Moo moo lovely package is now just can't wait for the first one to show up I know how much work went into making it perfect
  6. I received my package from the best partner for christmas Michiganirish First I open the box and was told I could not have them becuase they were all wrapped so neatly. I could not resist she sent a lovely card with confetti I have my very own shawl for hockey and church then when I need some alone time I have a basket full of goodie with a crochet puff ,misitle-toes shea-infused sock that look like candy-canes smoothing foot scrub, lavender and chamomile body bath, super rich shea butter foot cream, peppermint face scrub lindor chocolate they will be gone tonight skipping the diet and some delicous Sanders hotfudge the most beautiful shades of blue simple soft yarn peppermint mocha latte,fruit tea sampler I will be having some of this in my next gift My own personal cup I will not have to worry about some hockey parent taking my cup it has my name on it a spa pack with neck pillow and eye mask neck shoulder pad and one I will be using for minor boo boo's in house lastly a tree ball with scraps from all my gifts what a cool idea Thank you for such a wonderful package it has been great getting to know you and a wonderful swap you truly out did yourself
  7. I received my package from Vickietoria . she send a wonderful package let’s see what I was gifted. A bag full of scraps yarn to give my mom . some lovely fingerless glove and adorable stitch markers. She sent three very comfy looking socks my son has already claimed. hand made soap holders and lavender soap my youngest thinks it is just perfect for her, So chocolate covered cherries I am sure will not stay in the house very long. Two Christmas crochet magazines and lovely pull patterns. She also sent a wonderful book with handmade bookmark, a lovely necklace and earrings , two lovely skeins of yarn I can use for scarf, a lovely candle. Lastly a handmade keychain with dragonfly that my youngest has taken .
  8. That is the perfect card ...I need to find some to send to my family
  9. I will be like a little kids on christmas watching out my window ready to pounce on the first mail man that shows up . your package has been sent too hope you enjoy everything it has been a blast
  10. I wanted to give a big thank you to my patner Karen C she sent me a lovely package. It was a great swap . package included. She included the cutest pot holder with brownie mix and a little wooden spoon my youngest says the spoon is the perfect size for her hand. a package of Werthiers Originals my son claimed them and said they were good A package of M&Ms my daughter says she will eat them So I don't have to count them on my diet. 2 packages of hot cocoa a box of Lovely Moose Munch Milk chocolate Mix with nuts (sent to moms house because of nut allergies ) and lovely lavander Hand sanitizer Herrscheners Autumn rounds afghan the colors remind me of the season. She even tucked the I hook I need to make inside. Lovely room spray in Pumpkin Autumn recipe cards Autumn Journal The ultimate blanket handbook I have already founda few I am going to make.
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