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  1. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/89-6-crocheted-poncho-in-paris-with-blossom-in-safran
  2. OHH French Blue is making a rise!!! Come on French Blue!!! It's like a horse race... Move your blooming A****!!! I love this shawl and seriously hope it wins but if not I'll make it on my own
  3. Welcome Back, very sorry to hear of your Mom's Passing .. cancer is the pits!! Sit back relax and have some fun with us here at the Ville!
  4. I absolutely agree a shawl is different things to different people, as with you I don't see a shawl as a large scarf, or neck warmer etc. I like the traditional definition of a "shawl- garment worn loosely over the shoulders, upper body and arms".
  5. I am watching and if a shawl pattern wins I will participate however a lot of these don't classify as a shawl to me ( completely my opinion not trying to insult anyone's designs in anyway). What drew me to this challenge was to make a shawl.
  6. I too prefer a new windows, but each person is going to be different. I am really looking to pick a pattern that is challenging, not just run of the mill. But will be happy just making a shawl with my friends in the end.
  7. My Suggestions Sunshine Shawl Veranda Shawl French Blue Openwork Shawl Savannah's Shawl Summer Flowers Shawl Triangles Shawl
  8. Yay!!! Pat I am so happy you like it and will hopefully find the love and hugs in each stitch to draw support and warmth from for many years!!
  9. You did a fabulous job Mary Jo... I can't wait to see the recipients reaction
  10. Yes Peggy there is a free pattern for that it is called Bloom where you are planted I found it on crochetpatterncentral.com
  11. Mine have arrived!! So happy to be involved in this project.
  12. Posting my 3 squares now via UPS. Hope they arrive soon!!
  13. I am working on mine I hope to get it in the mail by Monday
  14. oh no.. I am definitely going around the sc either from front or back depending on row... I just thought it would be more even if I started one row down but seems the instructions don't call for it that way. Skoggy said it evens out though after the edging so I am going to keep going...
  15. Looks great... thank you for your input I will continue .. I only have 7 rows done so I figured I would stop until I was sure I hate frogging but if I have to .. I want it to be now instead of later
  16. I just started the tree panel I started with the two rows of sc and then on the first row of fpdc I just went down one row ..was I suppose to go down two rows? It just seems the fpdc are taller the my sc
  17. I began this after receiving the yarn as part of the swap however the instructions as written may be wrong. It calls for sc and fpdc for the tree however it says fpdc in the sc thus the fpdc are much taller then the sc I am afraid this will cause the afghan to be wonky... and am curious if the fpdc should have been around the sc in the row before not the one I use. Has anyone completed this afghan?
  18. Cute!! Welcome to the Ville!!
  19. Hi Jessica I am also in VA... Henrico West End
  20. Very pretty, I see you are selling the finished product, but will you also be offering the pattern?
  21. How Whimsical !!! Love it ... can't see what it grows up to be
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