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~*~Update~*~ Project is DONE - THANK YOU! Comfort-ghan Needed for My 2nd Mom...


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Thank you Janet!


angelfire - if your from WI and these are your squares, just wanted you to know that I got them today and they are oh so gorgeous! Thank you SO much!


This is going to be ONE beautiful COMFORTING afghan!


th_P1010008.jpg Image is clickable

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KnicKnac, I did one square last night and I will do another one (two more if I feel energetic) tonight.


The sage, white and variegated squares are so pretty...(a little intimidated here).


I love the fact that they are 8 inches, not 12 inches, because I'm not a fast crocheter. :P

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Please sakurasku, do NOT feel intimidated, these are all done out of love and kindness of strangers. It's just FASCINATING to me that I can put out a request like this and people from all over will donate their precious and valuable time to make squares for someone they don't know.


I wanted 8" squares because I would get more squares into one afghan to show off the beautiful work of these people here on the board.


Take your time.

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Actually, you don't have to send it with a tag. I am making a diagram with each square and who they came from so that appropriate thanks can be given.


I can't wait to see your squares!

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I would like to thank the following for their squares (images are clickable for larger view):


Pineknott for these delicious squares:




MamaHooks for this wonderful square:




AuntBubbles for this scrumptious square!




If you sent squares and don't see a thank you yet it just means I haven't gotten them yet. My PO is a little slow sometimes so no worries yet! I usually post as soon as I get them. Friday afternoon was the last time I was at the postoffice so squares might be waiting for me when I go back to the PO tomorrow. I usually go to the PO when I go to work, and I am playing HOOKY today!

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My hubby went to the PO without my knowledge today and brought home 5 puffies!!!


Give me some time ladies to open them, take pictures and post!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

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The incredible TALENT among these people at Crochetville leaves me UTTERLY SPEECHLESS.


All images are clickable:


Thank you Sherri for these two gorgeous squares!




Thank you coolhockeymom for these four beautiful fall colored squares!




Thank you Sakurasaku for the awesome three squares!!!




Thank you Senaca and Scooch for these beautiful two squares!




Thank you to nght for the following incredible amount of squares!




I am going to spend some time this evening assorting the squares, seeing where they might look their best. There are still a few that say they are sending and I want to kind of hold off until I have ALL the squares in hand.


I am thinking about using rust as the joining color. I don't want to use black and I don't want to use a light color. So either brown, rust or dark green.


Anyone would like to make a suggestion? Rust is her favorite color.

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I think that the rust color will tie all the different squares together beautifully.....green would also work well.

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My husband helped me experiment this evening on different arrangements, this comfortghan is going to be GORGEOUS! Just waiting on a few more squares to make it complete!


I think I have decided on rust. She loves it and it will make her happy!

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I just have to say this is going to be one REMARKABLE comfortghan...


2 more people sent me squares:


Thanks to Kiki for these two scrumptous squares!




Thanks to Lea for these three delectable squares!







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Hello everyone!


I believe I have ALL the squares that were promised here, which brings the total to 61 squares!!! Which is just perfect because I needed 60!!! The extra one I will make into a pillow to give with the comfortghan.


The final box that came - it had 24 squares in it! I have to thank this person PROPERLY but I can't do that without a picture so I have to wait until my batteries get charged back up before I can do that...


Will return after awhile - and you all can follow the exploits of me putting this thing together!!!

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