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  1. Darski, that is just so cute!! I love all the little outfits you've made so far, very creative. If you are looking for suggestions, how about a little cheerleader outfit complete with pom poms?
  2. Aww Kristie, he's adorable!! I think he needs a new rear end though....his seems to be cracked Thank you for sharing your pattern!
  3. I make both crocheted and knitted dishcloths...having recently learned to knit, I practiced by making the dishcloths using the same pattern as you, mrs who, sometimes I make them in stockinette rather than garter, so the end result was is a little less bulky. I like either knit or crochet really, no preference, but I will never buy dishcloths again, I will always make them They are superior scrubbers in my opinion. My family is always after me to make them more, more more! There are pros and cons of both I guess. It really depends on which patterns you use. I have a book of 99 crochete
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