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  1. ChainOFools

    Little doggy

    What an amazing likeness!! You did a great job!
  2. I'm ChainOFools here and Kikisticks on Ravelry...
  3. Thank you both so much! Linda, that was the designer I was thinking of, it's nice to know she sells those booklets on her own as well, thanks! Empress, as usual you are so thorough!
  4. I'm looking for patterns for the Lots to Love babies. A while back I know I saw some pattern books on Annie's Attic, but of course now that I want them I can't find them...are there any links or sites I could try, or is there anywhere else I could find the pattern books? I have the 14" doll. Thanks in advance
  5. That looks great!! I love that pattern, it's my current favourite! I bought the book, but you can get the pattern for free here at this site if you don't have the book. There are some other cute patterns in the book as well.
  6. My husband and I love this show! I noticed that not only does Emma knit and crochet, she also does tunisian crochet, and there are tons of different afghans and doilies in Emma and Oscar's house. It must be hard for the continuity people though, because if you look carefully, you can notice she is often in different stages of knitting through various scenes, and sometimes has switched from crochet to knit or even has different needles in the same scene, but I suppose only us eagle-eyed fibre artists would notice that or even care! My husband will go around the house saying "you should be quittin' knittin'" all the time.
  7. I started with the knitted cast-on, because this seemed easiest to me. I liked it--mostly because it was easy, but then started to get a little disappointed with the loose edge so I went looking for another method...A lot of people start with the thumb cast on (loop) and stay with that one for everything.....I wasn't happy with that, so I learned the cable cast on and use that one now for mostly everything, because I like the neat little edge it leaves on the bottom. It's not necessarily the best for things like socks or mittens/gloves though as there's not much stretch to it. I just learned how to do the long double tail cast on (in rib, too!) and once I got the hang of it it was really fun and fast! That method of casting on basically knits the first row as well as casting on, so if you are working stockinette, you need to remember to purl your first row instead of knitting it. There are so many ways and variations of those ways to cast on. Just find one that works best for you and your project and go to it.
  8. I agree with the library suggestion. Sometimes I have bought books and then been disappointed with the overall content, so if you preview them beforehand you can weed out the ones you aren't impressed with. Having said that, the one book I have that I absolutely love (and even hug when no one's looking, or even if they are looking) is 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton.
  9. That's exactly what I thought of too! Beautiful throw though....
  10. Very pretty! I can see the subtle difference in the pinks.
  11. It's gorgeous Kathy! I love the shape and the centre! Great job!
  12. /me has not yet received an invitation to sign up sigh...I wanna play with the cool kids too.
  13. Kathy, that is absolutely gorgeous! I actually gasped when I saw it! It's completely sublime!
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