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    40 Something ;) I have two grown children Amanda is 22 and Trapper is 19 I am married to my best friend Ted and we have a fur-baby Bogie. I have been crocheting for over 30 yrs I love gingerbread boys/girls and house and love decorating our new home in Warm Autumn colors
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    North Chesterfield VA
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    crochet, knit, plastic canvas
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    Customer Liaison
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    afghans,dishcloths,and purses
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  1. I am also a Lefty (by birth) but when I was in the 6th grade I had a horrific accident that severed two fingers and damaged my pinky. Everything was surgically reattached but I spent the next year in casts splints and slings to ensure that I didn't lose the fingers .. during that time I was "retrained" to use right hand. I can know write, eat and function using either hand except crochet when I try to use my left hand I get terrible pain so I only crochet right handed. Even holding the yarn between my fingers for any real period of time causes discomfort. Unfortunately I am accident pr
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