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Boxing Day 2021 (any charity work!)


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Drop off day is always one of my favorite days of the year!!!

Thanks to all of you for the amazing work you did.

They loved it all.

The girls were far more interested in the donations than the boys until I pulled out the Loveys and was explaining what they were when one of the boys yelled I know what those are my sister has one.  He had to see all of them at that point.

One of Darski's donation dolls got pulled out of a box and was getting dressed with clothes that she'd sent while we were there.

While I thought last year would have been the worst year in terms of needs for donations, it appears this year is worse.  While last year the big issues were loss of jobs due to shut downs and COVID related issues this year we are dealing with families who have lost family members and others both parents thus in some cases requiring grandparents to step in and needing help to get a household established for their grandchildren when they may have moved on to life on their own.  While there were often requests for children and even adult clothing this is the first year I've seen requests for bedding.

So thanks to all of you while practical needs are being met these kids will also have the magic of the Christmas toy at Christmas as well.

I have to finish some family items for the Christmas but then I begin again with Donation 2022 knowing just how important this year's donation was to these families we could help.  Thank you all for making this possible.




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Last prayer shawl for the year. The beige looking yarn has blue flecks in it.  I brought home a couple of bags of odds and ends of mostly baby yarn that the prayer shawl room inherited when one of the ladies passed away to turn into doll blankets.


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Wow Bailey, there are so many outfits I don’t remember seeing. I don’t recall any of the Barbie stuff.  I certainly don’t remember the doll with the tiny lovie. Omg too cute. 
Hope you are all doing well. I’m working traffic for the Cardinals game on Christmas Day. Hopefully people will behave! 
See you all for Boxing Day 2022?


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On 4/14/2021 at 10:31 AM, darski said:

I am so glad the parcel got to you.  Just a note:  The blue and beige blanket and clothing is part of my B & B pattern set and the little bib belongs to that set.  the blankie is the bed part and the bib is the breakfast part.

B & B set.pdfUnavailable


My conscience is a bit better after I missed the deadline last year.

Is there a 0lace to get your pdf files? When I click on the link I get an error

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