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8.5" doll for charity

Tampa Doll

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I have a few of these dolls, that I got on sale at Walmart a long time ago.  I decided to take an old pattern I have and make all the dresses offered.  I now have to decide if I am going to make a tote or make the pattern that comes with the doll dresses.

The pink and black outfit is a bikini and a hat.


Charity Doll Outfits (9).JPG

Charity Doll Outfits (12).JPG

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I agree with Brenda. My 2 youngest great-GD's would be jumping up and down for this little doll and her wardrobe. Nice work.

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I apologize for bumping this old topic, but I have done quite a bit of research on this, so I want to share my experience.

i I'm new here. I collect reborn's, at 1st I only invested in one to model my knitted & crochet baby clothing to help them sell better, which worked a little bit and my work looked so much better than on a cheap play doll like this https://toyboxadvisor.com/most-realistic-baby-dolls it opened me up to the reborn community, where I seem to find loads of people who enjoy them & treat them like real babies some role play, using REAL baby food (still think that's odd but who am I to judge) some take them out with them they get mixed responses from the public, others just display them, I have seen some ladies with a beautiful nursery set up where they have spent a fortune on fancy cribs decorating furniture etc etc, least they wont grow out the stuff lol. I turned into a collector, I still make clothing but enjoy trying them on the dolls & taking little photo shoots of them posing in the outfits, I don't take mine out because the folk round here aren't very open-minded, I did find it relaxing pushing a pram always have. 
I am a parent carer so my knitting & crochet take my mind off the stresses of daily life plus I have disabilities of my own, osteoarthritis, ADHD & fibromyalgia so the dolls are relaxing.

These are 3 of my reborns. The one in pink knitted dress (which I made) is Robyn my micro preemie, the one in the Scotty dog skirt is Faith my new born size, bigger one is Mia in a pinafore I knitted. I have another 2.






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It is nice that you make these beautiful dolls.

But, if you read the whole post you will find that this doll and the clothing is going to a charity at a High School, that will give it to a little girl who will love the CHEAP Doll and her cloths. 

I have one baby doll like the ones you have, but the dolls I dress are done for fun and charity, not my own pleasure.

You could always take pictures of what you make and show them to us in a post. 


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