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Felted Purse

classic crochet

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that is really cute, congratulations

:manyheart Thank you and welcome to the 'ville!


YIKES! I just noticed this was an old post..:cry I love this bag, but where to find the magazine:huh


:hug Thank you too!


It's not an old thread SilkyMist. The magazine isn't even out yet. Should be soon though!


I think it comes out August 25 :lol I'm having a hard time waiting, I want a copy!

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Congratulations! :clap How exciting! :yes

:hug Thank you! It is very exciting, it's my first published pattern!


Cute purse!


:hug Thank you!


Love the purse!! This is definately on my to buy list of magazines this month, so many great patterns, for things I might actually make!!


:hugThank you! I agree, it's a great issue.


I'm in the process of making that purse, I love it!


:hugThank you! Please post a picture when you finish, I'd love to see it!

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