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  1. I have just been asked by a co-worker if I could make a baby size "hardhat" like the kind construction workers wear. Anyone have any ideas where I could find something close that I could modify maybe?
  2. I thought this story sounded familiar, I only live about 40 minutes out of Lexington and have been watching the newscasts. Such a sad time for his family and the community. I'd be glad to make a few squares. PM me your address.
  3. I was able to purchase several (30+) issues of crochet magazines from the early 80's (when they didn't have much photography) and you can't believe how many of those patterns I have seen that have been passed off recently as originals.
  4. Welcome to the 'Ville from another Kentucky gal.
  5. I'm a former WV girl, what part are you from?
  6. I have tried so many times to learn this "rope" technique, but it's beyond me. You are my beading hero.
  7. That is a fabulous RR, love the depth of color. Beautiful job.
  8. LizaKaye

    Need Ideas

    I've made crayon holders in the camo yarn, if they don't want to keep crayons in them. Instead of a strap, I made a loop so it could go on a belt for putting treasures he finds -on adventures.
  9. Adorable, very good job, I'm sure the family and of course the baby will enjoy it.
  10. Glad you got the square in. Your son will be getting warm hugs from all over the world when he wraps up in that blanket. The crochetville bunch made afghans for my son and I when he was injured in Iraq, and we treasure them, I'm sure your son will love his too.
  11. Putting your son's square in the mail during my lunch break. Glad to know he's doing better, tell him we're all cheering for him.
  12. Just finished this one a few minutes ago. It's a small version of a Terry Kimbrough afghan. Made with Joann's Sensations and ILTY, it's soooooooo soft. It's being shipped to Massachusetts tomorrow
  13. I made one (no pattern) in the basket weave stitch in a cream colored WW, it turned out really pretty. Made a placket down the front and added wooden buttons and even a hood. Sadly didn't take a pic. Just made a round bottom, then started the basket weave pattern and stopped making increases. I sold it!
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