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  1. Crystal Palace Yarns makes a Cotton Chenille yarn. Could this be it?
  2. I knew I'd find something about this here! I just came back from the Walmart by me and they have indeed replaced the Peaches & Creme with Sugar 'n Cream. I don't understand the decision to do that at all. There is an AC Moore, Joanns, and Michaels all pretty close to Walmart and they already sell Sugar 'n Cream, and at better prices plus a better selection than Walmart could ever offer. The only thing Walmart had going for them was that they offered something different. There are a couple of places online that sell Peaches & Creme in addition to the Pisgah website, but the Pisgah Co. may not survive Walmart pulling their business out.
  3. I think people are mostly talking about Red Heart Super Saver which can be found at Joanns, Michaels, AC Moore, or Walmart. I think it's something like $2.79/skein, slightly lower at Walmart. I don't buy it anymore so I'm not sure. There's also Caron's Simply Soft at any of those big box stores and when it goes on sale at 2/$5, that's a pretty good deal. Honestly, I'd rather pay a few cents more per skein for yarn I like (and I do like ILTY) than be an el-cheapo over the few bucks more in total it would cost me. I've paid waaaay more than $3.39 per ball for yarn but then I sure don't make afghans out of those yarns. I think the thing here is that for an afghan, you need a whole lotta yarn so it really adds up.
  4. Hmmm ... I was thinking ... is it possible the import taxes keep getting increased, and increased, and increased? This yarn comes from Turkey. Maybe it's not costing more to make the yarn, just to get it here?
  5. I've noticed that their website no longer puts this on sale anymore and of course, the price increase. Still, this is cheap, cheap yarn as far as yarn goes, even other acrylics. Fortunately, I don't need any more acrylic as you guys are SUCH enablers that my acrylic stash hath overflowed. I just counted it up and I have enough stashed here to make my next 15 afghans! And then some sweaters, bed dolls, and and and ...
  6. The JoAnns by me is a super store but they don't stock much of what I want. They have tons of Caron One Pounders and RHSS but I'm not interested in those. I go looking for Patons or some of the Lion Brand yarns and although they do have these, there's never enough of any one color in the same dye lots to make say an afghan or even a sweater. Thank goodness for online shopping! They do have a large needle/hook selection but again, just not in the brands I'm looking for. If you're in a pinch you'll definitely find the size you need but I'd rather order online and wait to get what I really want.
  7. Oh I've been waiting for this! I haven't been hanging around here as much lately and I've missed seeing your tables and tote bags. I was just thinking ... you obviously don't have any cats, right? Or you'd never be able to have such pretty tables set!
  8. Unfortunately some stores aren't crochet friendly. They send crocheters away saying their yarn is for knitting only. Dumb but true. Of the two yarn stores closest to me, one has the sticker and one doesn't but they are both truly crochet friendly.
  9. Craw

    Wool yarn???

    The Lion Wool will felt if thrown in the washer. You will always need to handwash the entire blanket, even if you wash the yarn by hand before making the afghan. If you're looking to keep it simple, find another color in an acrylic.
  10. Aw, how cute! I also love my tea!
  11. I haven't gotten to see this yet. I was at my JoAnns last week and they didn't have it but are supposed to be getting it. It seems to be some pretty nice yarn for Red Heart! The JoAnns website sells it and so does Red Heart's website. Debbie Stoller also has a website announcing the yarn and gives a few free patterns on it. http://stitchnationyarn.com/
  12. Craw

    2nd one syndrome

    I do this! Just ask the mitten I have lying around here. What's worse is that by the time I do finish it, my gauge will have changed and they'll be two different sizes. Your friend in the knitting group is probably using the magic loop two at a time technique. I've tried magic loop and we didn't like each other. Guess I'll stick with my DPNs.
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