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  1. OMG! Why do I even open these threads? Must. Resist.
  2. Oh I've been waiting for this! I haven't been hanging around here as much lately and I've missed seeing your tables and tote bags. I was just thinking ... you obviously don't have any cats, right? Or you'd never be able to have such pretty tables set!
  3. Unfortunately some stores aren't crochet friendly. They send crocheters away saying their yarn is for knitting only. Dumb but true. Of the two yarn stores closest to me, one has the sticker and one doesn't but they are both truly crochet friendly.
  4. Aw, how cute! I also love my tea!
  5. Craw

    2nd one syndrome

    I do this! Just ask the mitten I have lying around here. What's worse is that by the time I do finish it, my gauge will have changed and they'll be two different sizes. Your friend in the knitting group is probably using the magic loop two at a time technique. I've tried magic loop and we didn't like each other. Guess I'll stick with my DPNs.
  6. I was VERY tempted to try out their cashmere or cashmere blend yarn but I didn't think 9 bucks to ship 2 balls was very reasonable so I didn't bother. Isn't that always the way? I find this terrific price on some scrumptious yarn but the shipping charge blows it all out of proportion. Maybe one day I'll get to go to the NYC store.
  7. The silk mohair is part of the Lion Brand Collection yarns and the only store it's available in would be the Lion Brand store in NYC. I wish they were more widely available too. You probably won't find a silk mohair blend in any of the big box stores but if you have a smaller local yarn store, they may have something similar.
  8. I hear you, I also get weak around any shade of purple. I wouldn't care if it was made of recycled cow poop... if they dyed it purple and spun it into yarn, I'd probably consider it.
  9. What about single crochet lengthwise, back loop only? It makes a nice ribbed scarf.
  10. What is this "destashing" thing you speak of? Seriously, I've been pretty good lately, even though I've still been buying yarn here and there. I recently started to add different fibers to my stash - wools, alpaca, etc. I can't go crazy buying those because they're kind of expensive, even on sale. Not like when acrylic goes on sale for 2 bucks a skein or cotton for a dollar, that's for sure. This year I found myself with a huge stash of acrylic yarns but I wasn't very inspired to work with them so of course I had to buy more yarn. LOL! I did manage quite a few gifts this year, mostly for my niece. She just squeals with delight every time I make her something and that's the best payback of all.
  11. I also got this email. Looks like a good thing but IDK ... Crafts Etc. is great to order from. They're fast and the shipping is very reasonable, most times free. Hope that doesn't change. We shall see.
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