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  1. Well, I just broke down and ordered them. When they arrive I'll try to remember to post the length for anybody else who wants to know.
  2. I'm looking to buy an afghan hook, but I'm wondering how long the cord is on Crochet Dude's afghan hook...JoAnn's doesn't say. It just says it has a long flexible cord. Afghan hook at JoAnn's, size L Does anybody know? I figure somebody here is bound to have one! They come in size L, P, and Q. I was thinking of purchasing the L and P, but I want to be sure the cord is long enough for the project I'm starting. Thanks!!
  3. I would suggest the 101 Double Ended Crochet Stitch book, and then try different stitches with thread to make something like a table runner - something just straight across to begin with.... I wouldn't start by trying to do any shaping - I'd go with a long rectangle and then stitch a border on it if you wanted.... That's my best suggestion. I've never tried the double ended stitching with thread, but I don't think it's really going to be very different than with yarn - just with a smaller hook and thread. I've made a few small things with the double ended hook, and I like it. The book I
  4. They're all gorgeous!! I know they'll cherish them!!
  5. Gorgeous! :clap If you want more patterns, you could check Hass to see if there's anything you like: http://www.hassdesign.com/
  6. Welcome from SE TX! Our climates are very similar - are you looking forward to cooler weather as much as I am?
  7. Very nice! It really looks nice on your little stool!
  8. Beautiful! Isn't it nice when things turn out better than you expect? And you were able to use stash yarn, too!
  9. Thank you! I may have to make that one! I like to use a book for fringe, too - but I use a hard-cover, so that I can slip the scissors in the gap that is provided by the cover extending over the pages. (The opposite end from the spine.)
  10. That's great! I bet I could make one with my scrap yarn! Thanks!
  11. Welcome to the 'ville! I'm in SE TX down by the Gulf.
  12. So sweet! Love the color pattern you chose! Great work!
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