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  1. Yes, thank you. I printed it to put with my pattern, as well.
  2. I haven't tried it, but I have a quilt hanger that has two long pieces of wood, and then the top piece screws to the bottom piece, pressing the quilt (or whatever you're hanging) tightly. That allows it to hang without making any holes or damaging the article. I think that would be a good way to hang an afghan, because I wouldn't want to cause stress to any one little area - hanging on a hook, for example would cause the weight of the afghan to pull heavily on that one spot. If you pressed one end and hung it so that the whole end took the weight, it wouldn't be nearly as damaging. Go
  3. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to giving it a try!
  4. Does it say anywhere else in the pattern (front or back) about how to change colors? It looks like you'd want to continue the colors upward. Each time a new set of blocks begins, you'd use a new skein of yarn. So after the first row, you'd have several skeins of green yarn attached to the afghan, ready to work upward into the block pattern. Does that make sense? You wouldn't cut the green until you got to the end row of the afghan.
  5. I learned the basics from a Girl Scout leader, and then taught myself more by looking at books and online.
  6. I had to stop the Metabolism Miracle diet for now. I plan to try again, but I think I need to cut back on carbs some on my own before starting the Step One plan. I was feeling terrible even after six days, so I caved.
  7. I just started the Metabolism Miracle diet. I'll let you all know how it goes after awhile. In the meantime, in case you're interested in learning more, here are a couple links to look through: http://www.themetabolismmiracle.com http://mmfriends.boardhost.com/index.php
  8. When somebody says "bedspread" I think of the light ones done in thread - kind of lke doilies joined together. Is that what you're talking about?
  9. Teresa, I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm kind of just gearing up right now....the first eight weeks are kind of strict, and I'm not sure I wouldn't just have to keep re-starting with the holidays upon us like they are. I got some news today! Remember how I've complained about my knees, and said that the last Dr I went to attributed all my pain to arthritis? He told me to stay off of them or I'd need more than one knee replacement in my lifetime. He was just so full of bad news....but the more I thought about what he said, the more I thought he was wrong. So I went to another Dr
  10. Hi all! I know I haven't been here much, but I've been lurking :lurk now and then.... I'm getting ready to start a new plan, according to the book The Metabolism Miracle. Has anybody tried this? I'm definitely a carb-fiend, and I recognize myself in the description of people with "Metabolism B" so I think I could really benefit from this. I just wondered if any of you have tried it, and if so, what you think.
  11. Great job! It'll look fantastic around your tree!
  12. Last night on "Ruby", they had a Women's Fat Night meeting, and each woman told something she's doing to lose weight. One woman said she learned to crochet, and she's making one square for each 5 lbs she loses! I was so excited! I thought, "Somebody needs to tell her about Crochetville!" Then of course I thought, "Maybe she's already here!!!" Judith, if you're in this CAL, let us know! Stitchaywoman, you can do whatever will fit your pattern....1, 2, 3, 4, etc rows per lb, one square per 5 lbs; whatever you want. If you have a lot to lose, you'll want something that keeps you e
  13. Teresa, since your carpal tunnel is giving you such trouble, maybe there's another craft you enjoy? Cross-stitch? It would be good to give your wrists a rest.... Judy
  14. Theresa, even if you reach your goal, you could do a "maintenance afghan" - one square each week you maintain.... or an "exercise afghan" - one square each day you get yourself moving.... Just a suggestion. I've lost weight and gained weight off and on in my life, and I'm always so frustrated when I regain instead of maintain.... I need to learn that when I reach my goal, it doesn't mean I'm done.
  15. Mindy! are you going to join in, or were you just popping by to say hello? The more the merrier!
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