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  1. Haven't had a lot of time recently, but I did finish off a skein last night on a scrapghan I am making. Am working on non-crocheted stuff for my sisters wedding, so hook time is limited.
  2. I was sick this week, but didn't seem to get a lot done. I only earned 1 point so far. I have knitting group tonight, so maybe I can get through some more. I have a feeling I will be ordering yarn next week for a project of some kind. My sister got engaged last Saturday. They have just started making plans, for an APRIL wedding. That's right folks, if I make a gift or anything for wedding I will have one month to do it. Yikes. We'll talk tonight after we all get home & I can get her plans...wow. Right now all I know is the date and that I'm in it.
  3. I forgot to post. Stayed up half the night on Friday crocheting to bring that score down and then forgot to post. I am a genius. I wouldn't have medaled, but hey I am still in the positives!!! So it is all good. WTD +4 & YTD +19
  4. The night before last I was laying in bed picturing a frog hat. Dark green with funny google eyes on top and a long red tounge grabbing a fly. So last night I made it while watching The Time Traveler's Wife. Turned out cute and used up most of a skein of yarn from my stash!! Wa hoo, I'm at +3 for the week. I really want one skein of Joanne Sensations to make a BICO tonight for a coworker who is due anytime. I have already made her a hat & knitted sweater for the baby, but I really want to make this sweater. I know she will love it. Plus I have a coupon. Someone talk me out of this please. She's having a girl...I LOVE MAKING GIRLY BABY THINGS!! I just know there will be a bunch left over, living in my stash and laughing at me. Does you're yarn taunt you? My stash taunts me. Not the good stuff, no that sits in its bins and waits to be enjoyed. But the acrylic and the Red Heart, I'm telling you it taunts me.
  5. So glad I got here before scoreing...I worked hard yesterday to bring my total down then forgot to post. WTD -13 YTD +14
  6. Welcome Empty Nester!! I can't belive you counted. I don't even want to think about how much I would have if I counted. I have been working diligently to make some more hats out of the giant bunch of yarn I bought this week. Was able to roll up one more ball last night, but I finished 2 hats, and started a 3rd. Tonight should be better.
  7. Last night I stopped by the dollar store on my way home. They had yarn again! A caron yarn that is 2 oz skeins, 80% acrylic/20% polyester, can't remember the name. I wanted something to make some fun hats. I bought 14 skeins. ouch. I did go home and finish off the skein I was working on, and then use up 1 1/2 of the new skeins. So much for getting medals. I do want to point out though that I am still in the positives for the year!! I will not shoot the moon this year, I will not shoot the moon this year, I will not shoot the moon this year, I will not shoot the moon this year, I will not...
  8. Wow! Lots more of us had positives than negatives this week. I am hoping to stay in the positives this week, still stash busting by working on my scrapghan. It is at +1 so far, but I think I will finish off another skein tonight. I am going to eventually have to buy some yarn, but I can continue to put it off for a little longer.
  9. I'm feeling pretty good about my score this week. I even had to take a break from stitching when my hands got sore, but I still had a good score. WTD +14 YTD +26 Yahoo!!
  10. Took my scrapghan to knitting group last night, earned another point. Not posting score yet, cause I've already rented a movie to watch & stitch tonight. Currently at +13, but running out of small balls in the right colors so it may get a little slower now.
  11. Missed this before, but wanted to say howdy. As a native of E. Washington it is always good to see someone from close to home!! I'm currently residing across the line in Idaho, but my heart is in Stevens County!!
  12. I petted some high end bison/yak/& other exotic fibers on my recent trip to Paradise Fibers in Spokane, WA. They were so so so so soft. I could not imagine what I would make with them...but then I got to thinking. It is amazingly soft. Maybe after I win ther lottery I will make the worlds softest light sweater, that is amazingly warm and toasty. Sure it will be hundreds of dollars, but I am sure that I will get lots of use from it. Right after I win the lottery...wait, maybe I should buy a ticket, just in case?
  13. I just finished a large project in Brown Sheep cotton fleece. It did come out very nice, and would probably be a great yarn for a baby project, if it is a little spendy. It is 80% cotton/20% wool. I comes in great colors. I bought mine at paradise fibers who do have an online site. The biggest down side I see though is that hand wash is recommended. If I was making baby stuff from a mostly cotton yarn, I would probably go with one that is machine washable, for the Mom's sake.
  14. Very, Very pretty. Just love how the roses came out.
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