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    Mary Ann
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    Work full time, if I'm sitting, I'm crocheting
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    Chicago burb
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    crochet, sewing, my daughter
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    vocational coordinator for special young adults
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    squares right now
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  1. kuddlekubs

    Closed Thanks!

    I just lowered the price on multiple publications. I need to be done purging these so feel free to help me out!
  2. kuddlekubs

    Closed Thanks!

    One lady bought all the Crochet with Heart - wow! Still plenty left! Merry Christmas!
  3. kuddlekubs

    Closed Thanks!

    Added many more today! Many Crochet with Heart in vintage mint condition that have always been kept in plastic sleeves!
  4. kuddlekubs

    Closed Thanks!

    Hi! I've been on the 'ville for years and years and always appreciate a bargain! I had so many crochet pubs that I put them in an etsy destash shop so if you wish to go look, please do! Have a wonderful day! kuddlekubs
  5. Good cold morning! kuddles
  6. Good morning! Today going to take a bunch of my paperbacks to Half Price Books to sell back. Will probably only get 10 bucks that better than nothing! Swimming lesson later today..... Brrrrrrr here! kuddles
  7. Good morning all! And big hug to Ann! Today? Taking my car in for an oil change and new wiper blades. Then walk in the mall. Errand to Target then probably home. I have so much I need to do around the condo! Hope you all have a great day! kuddles
  8. Hi gals and thanks for your encouraging words regarding the reading! Long week, glad it is Friday! Enjoy your evening! kuddles
  9. Good morning! Hugs to vikingrunner....and anyone else that needs one! Sure glad it is Friday! Each nite we've been reading Kiddle's book for her book report due next Friday. After several emails with the teacher, she is allowing me to help her read it....me a page, her a page, etc. When it is time to write the book report....well, not gonna be pretty! The teacher says she can do a lot more on her own than she lets on to me and does so at school, but get her home and she can't do anything on her own! Argh! Oh well, we each have our 'thang' we gotta deal with ......and I'll survive! Have a great day! kuddles
  10. Good morning, stay warm and have a good day!
  11. Good morning! owlvamp - feel better! Just another work/school day here except for one main change: it is COLD! kuddles
  12. Good morning. YIKES Katy, snow! Just north of us they are getting multiple inches! We should see some tomorrow, hopefully won't accumulate! NOT ready for snow! Happy Monday! kuddles