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    Mary Ann
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    Work full time, if I'm sitting, I'm crocheting
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    crochet, sewing, my daughter
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    vocational coordinator for special young adults
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    squares right now
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  1. I love anything sunflower! Thanks for sharing! kuddles
  2. Okay Ann after sitting in my car for over a week (I tried the post office once, the line was out the door!) the box containing 3 scarves for you went out today! Thanks for letting me help!!! kuddles
  3. Hey Ann (and everyone)! Just thought I'd post and let you know I've started a few scarves for you! I almost completed one and have two more in the wings next! It's nice to get a 'break' from making totes, the scarves are quick and easy to do AND go for a great cause! I'll let you know when I send them out my dear! kuddles
  4. Here is a pic of the one I made in cotton.....friends having their first child and it is a boy! Although heck this is cute for a girl too! Thanks again for the pattern! Also made one for my 6 year old DD to wear and she loves it! kuddles
  5. Thank you so much! Adding to my baby charity hat patterns!
  6. Eep!!! Love it! My DD got an 18" doll from Santa with one boring outfit so I need to make her some and my oh my this is the first one! Thanks SO much for sharing!!!
  7. Thrilled to help! I hope everyone keeps up the momentum! Love to help!
  8. HI! Mary Ann in Illinois and I have 16 more scarves that will be sent Fed X ground tomorrow so look for them soon. Keep up the good work!!
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