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These are a few of my other Crafts


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some are finished and some are still in progress.

First is Medieval Town Mandala. So far I'm up to part 5 with 7 parts to go it will be close to a 32" square when done.



Egg artistry. These were my first two attempts but the only ones I have kept. Not the best photos. Still mastering that skill :lol. The second one I had to make the silk roses on a quilling tool to get them small enough.

2222939884_c490b603f9_t.jpg 2222939892_7431cb65c4_t.jpg

Third is my China painting. Also a first attempt. There are 12 layers and 12 firings between layers on this plate. Took close to 12 months to complete because I don't own my own kiln.


Next is folk art. I must have made this one 5 or 6 times for orders.



Tracy as you can see I do finish a fare bit just start a lot more. :devil

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You have a lot of talents! I love all of them. If you want your own kiln you should look around at auctions. My mom got a kiln and about 50 ceramic molds at an auction. The only downside is that you'd most likely need an electricion to add an outlet for it.

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