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  1. She is just adorable. I want to hug her.
  2. Very nice tree skirt. I love the round ripple. It is so versatile.
  3. I really like the idea of a lovey. Have not made one yet. Yours is adorable.
  4. Nice poncho. Really like the rolled neckline and the fringe.
  5. ReniC mentioned what I was thinking. I thought they would be really cool to put on windows at night. Do they glow for very long in the dark?
  6. These are so handy because you can untie the bottom, roll it up and change the diaper without having to undress the baby.
  7. Those are so nice. Bet they keep them for heirloom.
  8. Simply beautiful. And I do love the colors. You did a great job.
  9. I really like the blue the best. The added white seems too much. Guess I am another odd one.
  10. I think I would start with red for a center square and incorporate as many pieces not red, like the white and black. When you have a square with those in, then change to black and incorporate the red pieces. When you have gotten your square big enough to cover those, go to white for the multi-colors. Hope this is clear enough to explain what I see in my mind. Although, I have discovered things don't always come out the way I picture them. I love the idea of using your grandmother's pieces.
  11. Very pretty and they look so soft and snuggly.
  12. The dress looks really cute and comfortable. She obviously really likes it. That is one of the joys of making something for someone else.
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