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    SAHM of 3 children 2boys 1 girl. I homeschool my DD and love it.
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    crocheting,cross stitch,stamping,knitting,tatting,
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    SAHM and homeschooling
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    afghans and shawls
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    since 1978
  1. I'm just doing a giant granny square. (never made one before, always keep putting it off) 6 colours - white and 5 shades of pink. So far that is the plan. I will keep you informed.
  2. Wow! Yarn Monkey, That is alot of squares. Great work. I have started a scrap granny square this afternoon.
  3. Thanks for the warm Welcomes everyone. I'm am a recovering obsessive complusive clean-a-holic. (trying to not clean as much as I use too) It's hard cause I really enjoy cleaning. Love my hobbies too. Just not enough hours in the day for both. Colleen Hope you can find time to crochet. :hugMy oldest went through this and we took him to a naturpath. (Expensive but worth it) He is now fine 99% of the time and when allergies do affect him it doesn't last as long. ( This is how I turned into a clean-a-holic). I have already vacuumed, clean kitchen, and washed a load of washing and it's only 8:30am. Earned myself some time.
  4. :hiLadies, I only just noticed this CAL. Love the concept.
  5. Beautiful Afghan Tina. I have this pattern really should add it to my list of wim.
  6. Sarah your afghan looks fantastic. great work.
  7. Just discovered this CAL/KAL. All the discloths look fantastic. I have recently got hooked on making discloths. Now I'm addicted. Hope this thread continues next year. I'm hoping to make more for presents.
  8. Looks fantastic. for finishing. I still have my GFG to finish and a yo yo ghan I want to make at some point. Hopefully I will do better next year than I did this year.
  9. Joy that is great. I taught a tatting class back in the 80's. I love teaching people these crafts, then I know they wont dissappear forever. I had the same thing happen when I was visiting the doctors surgery a few months ago. He asked me if I was tatting, I happened to be crocheting but I was amazed he even new the term tatting. When I asked he said he didn't know what tatting was just had heard the term. patHi Cabbagepatch Kris, Welcome to the group. I haven't seen any patterns for a bracelet, but you could work an edging to the right length and then work a loop fastener. I have seen patterns for serviette rings. You could just make them larger maybe?
  10. Morning Ladies, I have been meaning to do this pattern for a very long time. I have sorted out my yarn and chosen my colours. I would love to join you.
  11. Cindy Your afghan is coming along really nicely. I love your choice of colours.
  12. I have 2 granny squares afghans on the go at the moment. ( Probably more like UFO's than on the go ) I have Sunburst Granny that I started at the beginning of the year. I love it but having trouble with colour cobinations now that I have done so many. I also have another scrap one on the go. It's mostly just one large granny square. (Forgot the name)
  13. Love the way you working this one Cindy. Can't wait to see more. Jessica. Love all the verigated yarns your using. This is a great idea.
  14. I seriously thinking of joining in too. I have this one from beginning of the year that we started as a group in the "sky cal" and didn't get to finish. Might try and find what I did with the pattern and squares I have already made.
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