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  1. Oh she is so cute! Your friend is going to have more then a smile!!
  2. I love this pattern! made couple of these always hit to the person receiving it!
  3. Very cute!! Amaze me with your so cute patterns!
  4. Very pretty! thank you for all the pictures!
  5. :lolman you ARE planning away! I think tonight you have hopped around more then me on here.although I was right behind you:lol
  6. Love the way you used the different textures really made it look more quilted.
  7. my neighbor just loved the little sweater.Hoping they can bring the baby over with the sweater on for a picture.
  8. My neighbor just got a new granddaughter:lol so had to make her new little sweater since she is 6weeks old chi.. she is so small. hope that it fits. Thank you for the great easy pattern! I used sport weight yarn and fun fur and rhinestone fancy for the back. [/img]
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