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  1. thanks everyone! Hi Ruth, good to see you here!!!
  2. Well I guess I am going to have to re-introduce myself! I used to come here all the time, but life got in the way for a long while, but now I am back! I am A SAHM with a side business on etsy. I think I should have started this post with the AA intro...Hello, my name is Amy I have a YARN addiction! LOL Can't get enough! Living here in NE PA, it is a great time of year for fall patterns. Cannot wait to get back into the swing of it, where should I start??? Any good fall CAL's??
  3. hi gals!!! how have you all been, busy I see! Sorry I went MIA a few months ago, after GM decided to yank the franchise at the dealership I work at, they traded me to another store within the company, so I am learning all about Toyota now. Not very happy with it all and not doing much fiber work right now. I am working on a CX piece and that is about it. How have you all been???
  4. hi gals sorry I haven't been around in a long while! Concentrating on home and family right now and just trying to keep my job!!
  5. hi gals! I didn't drop off the face of the world, well not literally anyway, just summer and work and busy time of year! I am slowly plugging away on an afghan but not much progress
  6. DavaJ--that is tooo cute! Welcome Nicole, we always love new dishclother's!!! I didn't make any this week, too busy with tee ball every night and reading alot!!
  7. well gals, nothing to report for today as I have no more cotton to use up !!!!! Yea!!!!!!
  8. that is adorable!! What a sweet gift
  9. ropergirl3

    Tiny Turtle

    oooh he is adorable!!! I love little turtles and I think I have this one bookmarked too!
  10. well, of course once I went back to work on Wednesday all craftiness stopped, but I did get a good bit done this week before I did! I almost got rid of all the balls and skeins of cotton, I have only 4 tiny balls left to do something with!!!! Woohoo! So here it is for this week---have a lovely day ladies! +12 WTD/+58 YTD
  11. thanks everyone!!! that is what you get for being home for 8 days!!!
  12. okay here are all the cloths I got done this week!!
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